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For DSV Leoben, everything is at stake before the arbitration court

For DSV Leoben, everything is at stake before the arbitration court

Today it's really about everything. “It's just black or white,” sports lawyer Wolfgang Rebernig said at the beginning of the month. He was tasked by the club to appeal against DSV Leoben's refusal to grant admission to the Second League to the permanently neutral arbitration court of the Bundesliga. He explains that “the lawsuit consists of 20 pages, in addition to 40 attached pages.” He hopes that DSV can prove that it meets the standards of League Two. Problem: Decisions are made based on the documents that have been submitted for licensing. “Little Rebernig is fighting for the big DSV against ten lawyers,” Styrian said, adding, “It's hard to predict. Because only a good Lord can help on the high seas and in court.

Wolfgang Rebernig

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Even after the major renovation at “Monte Schlacko” and the change in the position of Chairman of the Board, things were not really quiet at DSV. Mario Pichler handed over his duties to Sascha Golewski at the beginning of May, and Thomas Janeschitz was appointed as the new sporting director. However, everyone realizes that there may be a risk for a year in the regional league. Then if the court does not follow Rebernig's arguments.

This no longer helped FC Dornbirn on Thursday. Vorarlbergers have been denied admission, meaning their relegation is fixed at the end of the season. Today the fate of DSV, as well as that of Austria's Salzburg, who want promotion, will be decided in court.

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