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Young Violettes coach Harald Suchard: "We are out of the ordinary" - Football

Young Violettes coach Harald Suchard: “We are out of the ordinary” – Football

In pre-season there was an offensive slack. With 31 goals in 30 innings, Young Violets were the least dangerous team in the Admiral’s second division.

That has changed. The Violet youths celebrated eight goals in the first four rounds of the new season. A year ago they needed exactly twice as many games for this crop.

However, things are not going smoothly. Despite scoring exactly two goals in every match so far, Violet has never left the field as winners. Feast.

“Little Violet is always good for tricks,” says trainer Harald Suchard. “We’re a bit far from the norm in everything we do.” Postscript: “It’s annoying that despite the goals we scored, we are still without a win.”

But the coach also finds something positive in this strange statistic: “If we can score goals, we can win.”

Defensive problems

But this only works if you concede at least one goal in the back less than you shoot in the front.

And defense isn’t exactly Violet’s trump card at the moment. Two goals against FC Liefering, four against Blau Weiss Linz, two against Kapfenberg and this time three against Admira.

“Our defensive problems were well-defined this time around: the standard attitudes and our counter-attack behavior, we were too naive and sometimes too negligent,” says Suchard.

This season too, the 45-year-old faces the challenge of having to constantly change his squad. With demon injury currently striking with frightening regularity among professionals, the talent is constantly nurtured. With the double burden that the Federation will face in the fall due to the European Cup, nothing will change.

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22 different players have already played with the young Violet in the first four rounds. Especially in the four-man defense chain there is no continuity.

These four strings have been used so far:

circular RV countryside fiber LV
1 Ivkic policeman mysl bandage
2 Pazorek policeman kometiu Ivkic
3 Pazorek policeman Faucet bandage
4 Pazorek policeman mysl cricker

While Suchard was still very upset with his team after the 2-2 home win against Kapfenburg, his mood after the defeat in the southern part of town was not so good, but relatively better.

“I’m not angry, but there is a certain disappointment. We started the game with a 2-0 delay, and Admira played that into the hands of a killer. Two goals conceded from corner kicks within three minutes shouldn’t happen, but something like that happens. international”.

Although his companions found their way back into the game, maintaining the excitement until the final whistle and also scoring two aluminum goals, he admits: “Admira is a deserved winner to receive more goals.”

In the fifth round there is a derby against SK Rapid II. This is where the first victory must come from.

Video: Highlights of Admira’s victory over Violet

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