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For Government and Military: US Congress Plans UFO Reporting System

For Government and Military: US Congress Plans UFO Reporting System

Status: 07/16/2022 01:09 am

The United States should have a government-interior UFO reporting system in the future. The House of Representatives has started a program for that.

By Steffen Rudd, ARD Studio Washington

The US House of Representatives wants to set up a central office in the Pentagon where all information about mysterious sightings in the sky will be collected. The internal reporting system is intended to make it easier for U.S. military personnel, for example, to report such incidents in the skies — where they face trouble for revealing secrets.

Military fear of secret plans

Sightings of unexplained celestial phenomena — alleged UFOs — have increased significantly in the United States in recent years. At a parliamentary hearing in May, several MPs complained that the US military was withholding information and reports about unexplained celestial phenomena.

The background is the military’s secrecy restrictions, which prevent fighter pilots, for example, from making their observations public.

Ronald Moultrie, the undersecretary of defense for military intelligence, promised progress in the investigation in May. And he pointed to a dilemma: “On the one hand, the US military wants to be open to the public, and on the other hand, some military information must be protected – that is, kept secret.”

Many experts have suspected for decades that new types of experimental aircraft, missiles or military drones are behind many unexplained celestial phenomena. An internal reporting system now being planned is intended to help the US Congress gain insight into unexplained celestial phenomena and what the military’s experiments are all about.

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