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These products from America are banned in Germany

These products from America are banned in Germany

Did you think cornflakes from America have the same ingredients as Germans? Many TikTok users have asked themselves the same question. Many American expats who have moved to Germany compare the ingredients in their favorite products and are shocked by the results. How different is our food From America to Germany?

How does German cuisine differ from American cuisine?

We have many food brands and restaurants in Germany that are available in the US. But how is our food really different? Anyone who has ever been to America knows that Different amounts of food. If you order a large cola at McDonalds, you get a 500ml cup. However, in the US, a large cola is 800 ml, which is almost a liter.

But what is the difference between goods in America and Germany?

1. BVO (Brominated Vegetable Oil)

When compared to the ingredients in Mountain Dew Lemonade, it’s almost unbelievable. According to a video from American magazine Food occupantsis in The US version is BVO, German brominated vegetable oil. BVO is found in colored soft drinks and helps bind food coloring and liquid.

BVO is called A burn retardant, a nervous system depressant and an endocrine disruptor, it can cause reproductive and behavioral harm., was used. This is why BVO exists Banned in all European countries.

Check out the comparison between UK and US Mountain Dew in the video below.

2. Artificial food coloring

American products often contain food coloring, which is banned in Germany. It is contained in foods such as sweets or cornflakes. This Additives are made from chemicals, which promotes diseases such as kidney and bladder cancer and allergies in mice. In children, these dyes can promote hyperactivity, thyroid tumors, and cell loss.

Not all of these ingredients are banned in Germany, but they are not used in comparable German products. noise Food occupants There are American products like cornflakes are usually more colorful and sweet.

Food Insider has also created an interesting comparison video titled Cornflakes. A comparison is made between Great Britain and the United States.

YouTube videos

3. Ractopamine

Ractopamine is an animal feed additive Fatting of animals before slaughter. This object noise The European Food Safety Commission It is banned across the EU in food-producing animals by Directive 96/22/EC.

RB Online has written about the effects of hormones given to animals on humans reported. In 2010, many Chinese women all received the same powdered milk Breast development in childhood. The doctors explained The powder came from hormone-treated cows.

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