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For the first time with full OC support [Bericht]

For the first time with full OC support [Bericht]

AMD's upcoming Ryzen 9000X3D (“Granite Ridge-X”) gaming processors are said to be the first generation of CPUs with 3D V-Cache that has full core overclocking support and also has BIOS (UEFI) and Ryzen Master Auto-OC via PBO (“Precision Boost Overdrive”) also supports manual overclocking for the first time, the site says. Wccftech I have mentioned it now.

Ryzen 9000X3D will launch in September, says 'highly reliable source'

Ryzen 9000X3D with improved 3D cache

After AMD previously officially announced that it was working on a new generation of stacked 3D V-Cache, Wccftech now reports that this has already been used for the Ryzen 9000X3D (“Granite Ridge-X”) and for the first time it will also be possible to manually enable overclocking for AMD CPUs with stacked memory, the website reports. And here’s what it says there..

We have been able to find out that the new features include full support for OC.

Yes, that's right, it's not just about tuning PBO or CO, AM5 enthusiasts will get full overclocking support with the next generation of 3D V-Cache CPUs.

This indicates that AMD has fine-tuned the 3D V-cache design of its chipsets, allowing users to overclock at their own discretion.

While there are still some safeguards in place to protect the fragile 3D clusters placed on each Zen 5 CCD, the manual overclocking capabilities will attract many enthusiastic overclockers to enter the 3D V-cache scene.

– And enough for you –

…One of the new next-gen variants could use 3D V-Cache, as expected as well.

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Wccftech also talks about “some other new features” that the site would like to report in the next week. The release, which according to recent rumors could take place as early as September, has also been discussed again. Hence Ryzen 9000X3D can prevent Arrow Lake.

The Ryzen 9000X3D is expected to be flanked by new AM5 motherboards with the X870E and X870 chipsets in September.

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source: Wccftech