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Former Chancellor Kurz congratulates the CDU on its new turquoise appearance

Former Chancellor Kurz congratulates the CDU on its new turquoise appearance

The ÖVP’s German sister party presents itself with a new party design.

Former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) congratulated the German sister party CDU on its new look. “Dear Friedrich Merz, with your content and topics, your path to the Chancellery is certain! I think the choice of colors is very successful,” Kurz posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday evening. The CDU will present itself with a new party design in the future. 50 years later , the three letters CDU are again black instead of red, and the base color is light turquoise blue.

The logo now also includes three black, red and yellow lines pointing to the top right. The redesign aims to unify the look nationwide, after some CDU regional associations had already used shades of blue.

Linnemann: “The trend towards shades of blue”

What is particularly striking is the new main color – turquoise – on the flags in front of Konrad Adenauer’s house, which had been orange for a long time, or on the large back wall on the stage in the foyer. CDU Secretary General Carsten Linnemann immediately disputed the associations that this could be based on the turquoise color of the friendly Austrian People’s Party or the blue color of the AfD. There has been said to be a trend towards shades of blue in the CDU’s state election campaigns since 2017, most recently in the victorious campaign in Berlin or currently in the CDU in Hesse.

The new look is intended to be part of the process of renewal initiated by the CDU after losing power in the 2021 German federal elections. This includes a new platform to be determined in 2024 – the current one dates back to 2007. (APA)

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