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Former GNTM winner Alissar El Ailabouni: After 13 years of victory

13 years after winning

Jamila has changed: This is what Alissar El Ailabouni, former GNTM winner, looks like today

Elissar El Ailabouni won the fifth season of Germany’s Next Top Model in 2010

Photo Alliance / Geisler-Fotop, Geisler-Fotopress

Alissar El Ailabouni (33 years old) is one of the most successful GNTM winners of all seasons. To this day, she is a very popular model. On Instagram, the native Syrian lets her followers share her life — and some fans have noticed changes in her appearance.

Alissar Alabouni wearing a short red dress

Alissar al-Ailabouni (33) won the fifth season of Germany’s Next Top Model in 2010. The model, who was born in Damascus, has managed to achieve great international success: she walked in London Fashion Week in 2011 and the 33-year-old is still The model is in demand to this day. She is regularly booked for various catwalk and advertising jobs and is under contract with seven German and international modeling agencies.

In a current Instagram post, the former GNTM winner, who was raised in Austria, shows herself in a skintight red dress and perfect makeup. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, she poses with a bouquet of red roses and shares dinner photos with her loved ones.

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Followers’ reactions are divided

Her fans are mostly impressed with the latest photos of Eilabouni. “Lessar, beautiful,” writes one of the users in the comments. “you look great!” Another user got excited. But there are also critical voices: “Unfortunately, you don’t look like you did at the time. Like a mask.” “Pretty, but somehow you don’t look happy. However, the photos are just snapshots,” commented another follower. .

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