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When Princess Kate slapped her husband

When Princess Kate slapped her husband

There have been a lot of reports about the BAFTAs – about the winners, the absentees, the sweet speeches – but an unusual sight has been stuck in the net for the longest time.

And slap! The British heir to the throne received a slap in the ass from his wife and the royal observers were left open. What is the story? When Prince William and his wife Catherine walked through the paparazzi gate ahead of the BAFTAs (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) on Sunday, cameras caught a rare sight: the princess patting her husband, Prince William, at the bottom. Some people find it scandalous, some people love it, and most people don’t care, but we can watch it anyway. Vogue thankfully posted a video of this moment online.

Such intimate gestures might not have happened during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, as she always carried etiquette as the highest-ranking member of the house. High nobles do not touch each other in public and no one else touches them according to the rule. The moments when Elizabeth II let her husband, Prince Philip, help her touch skin on stairs or the like were rare. Since her son, King Charles, has taken office — he will be formally crowned on May 6 — some of the taboos of the past must fall and the British nobility must become more approachable.


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