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Formula 1 - Ferrari Team Principal Binotto: "There is nothing we have to change"

Formula 1 – Ferrari Team Principal Binotto: “There is nothing we have to change”

Technical flaws, leadership errors and strategic errors have already cost Ferrari a number of points in the 2022 Formula 1 season. But team boss Mattia Binotto calms himself down, as after the last race before the summer break, he simply said: “There’s nothing we have to change.”

Failed pit tactics at the Hungarian Grand Prix with solid tires in the second stage “Of course we have to look and understand,” he explains. “We have to understand that and deal with it so that next time things don’t go the same way.”

But then Binotto stresses again: “If you look at the balance sheet for the first half of the season, there is no need to change anything. It is always about continuous learning and building experiences and skills.”

And that’s after Ferrari lost at least three potential wins in the first 13 races of the year either because technology didn’t keep up or the drivers made individual mistakes – most recently at the French Grand Prix at Le Castelli, when Charles Leclerc was lying in front.

Binotto confirms: The mood at Ferrari is good

But the mood at Ferrari is still good, says Binotto: “We win and lose together. [Ungarn] It wasn’t great, but I think we still have a lot of potential.”

Leclerc is far from depressing. “He’s trying [in der Sommerpause] To rest and relax until he comes back more ambitious,” said Binotto.

“Leclerc will continue to work on building the team and building himself step by step, with every race seen as an opportunity to win,” said the team boss, as Ferrari’s “leader”.

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Binotto had already announced ahead of the Formula 1 summer break that Ferrari could theoretically win all the remaining races of the season. So far this year the team has won four: three from Leclerc and one from Carlos Sainz.