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Formula 1: Formula 1: USA GP 2023 in Austin – Dates, Schedule, Time and Route

Formula 1: Formula 1: USA GP 2023 in Austin – Dates, Schedule, Time and Route

America is known for having its own sports. While the rest of the world has had soccer fever for decades, the sport is just beginning to gain popularity in the United States. Instead, baseball and American football are mostly played there. In motorsport too, Americans have their own way of racing with NASCAR races. But that doesn’t mean Formula 1 doesn’t play a role in the big country. In contrast to football, which was gradually gaining popularity, the US Grand Prix was contested in Formula 1 from the late 1950s.

What makes the USA GP special is that it has held a total of five different names over the years. These include the “US East Grand Prix”, “US West Grand Prix”, “Las Vegas Grand Prix”, “Indianapolis 500” and the current name “US Grand Prix”.

All information about this year’s USA GP dates can be found here. In addition, the article provides interesting facts about the current race track of the Formula 1 stage in the United States.

2023 United States Grand Prix Schedule: Dates and Times in Austin

In general, the races in the Formula 1 World Championship are always the same. First there are three practice sessions, followed by qualifying and finally the actual race. But there are some changes to this routine at the US Grand Prix Formula 1 Race Calendar 2023 previous Stage in Qatar. In addition to the main race, there is a so-called sprint race in Austin. This is a shortened version of the main race and is very new to Formula 1. On the other hand, in Formula 2, it is already a tried and tested race. Due to the sprint race, the other dates will also be somewhat postponed, so qualifying will follow the first practice session.

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The dates for the 2023 United States Grand Prix are:

  • Training 1: October 20, 7.30 – 8.30 pm
  • Eligibility: October 20, 11:00 pm – 12:00 am
  • Practice 2: October 21, 8:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Sprint: October 22, 12:00 am – 1:00 am
  • Race: October 22, 9:00 PM

Due to the time difference, the US Grand Prix can be watched very late here. Although the October 22nd race in Germany can only be seen at 9:00pm, it starts at 2:00pm local time, just like the races in Europe.

Formula 1 in America: All the information about the track in Austin

The USA GP venue has changed several times over the decades. Originally it was raced at Watkin Glens in New York State, after which the race moved first to Detroit and then to Phoenix. After a gap of several years, the race was held at Indianapolis eight times and was won five times by German Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher.

The American Grand Prix has only been held in Austin, Texas since 2012. The deal with the race there was originally only to last until 2021, but was extended. Race in Austin has me Sebastian Vettel A German has already won. However, at the end of his career, the German’s chances of another victory in Austin are looking grim. Dutchman Max Verstappen has won the last two races at the USA GP.

The most important data of the race track in Austin:

  • length: 5,516 Kilometers
  • Opening: 2012
  • Circuit: 56
  • Curves: 20
  • Lap Registration: 1:36.169 minutes, Charles Leclerc (2019)
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