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Formula 1 guarantees full beds

Formula 1 guarantees full beds


This is the ninth time that a Formula 1 race has been held at the Red Bull Circuit, but the booking situation was not good at all: around the 10th of July, all hotels and camps were already fully booked.

In early March, organizers of the Austrian Grand Prix reported that Sunday’s race was sold out, meanwhile, there are only tickets left in the grand grandstands and parking areas for Friday and Saturday – meaning the 300,000-visitor barrier this year could be met. break it for the first time.

Fully booked outside the area

Of course, this rush in tickets also has a positive impact on the booking status of hotels, private property owners and camping sites, says Manuela Machner of Mortal Adventure Zone: “Yes, it’s really exciting: we haven’t booked many reservations or inquiries at all since the return of Formula 1 We are fully booked out of the area or well booked. Guests are already moving in the direction of Hochsteiermark, in the direction of Graz, in the direction of Murau to find free beds.”

“We can browse more overnight stays”

Machner expects about 150,000 nights to stay in the Murtal Adventure District alone, which has 20 communities around the Red Bull Ring. But it could be a lot more if more beds were available: there are currently 6,000 guest beds and campgrounds for about 20,000 motorsport enthusiasts. “The problem we have, we can browse for more overnight stays – only at some point are they full.”

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Photo series with 27 photos

Another plus side: F1 guests are staying longer at the Mortal. “Guests plan the Grand Prix in such a way that they say they will take longer and stay longer. Especially in the camps, many stay until Monday because they simply want to spend their time on the return trip,” says Machner.

Once again many Italians as guests

Because of the duel between Red Bull and Ferrari at the top, a lot of Italians would have booked again this year – but at least the majority had to be postponed for next year, not only because of fully booked rooms, but also because of tickets sold out.