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Werder Bremen wants to end two negative series against Wolfsburg!

Werder Bremen wants to end two negative series against Wolfsburg!

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Werder Bremen will play Wolfsburg on Sunday (3:30pm on DeichStube live stream) – coach Uli Werner wants to improve his team there and end a two-goal run. © IMAGO/osnapix/Titgemeyer

SV Werder Bremen will play against Wolfsburg on Sunday (3:30pm on DeichStube live). The Bremen team wants to end two goalless streaks at the Volkswagen Stadium – initial report from DeichStube.

Bremen – Currently there are two statistics that can be picked up relatively quickly SV Werder Bremen However, things are less satisfactory, keywords: away and sunday. Which, when written, leads to the following facts: 1.) Bremen have now lost seven away games in the Bundesliga in a row during the season, three in the last series and all four in the current series. The last league win over a place opponent so far was a furious 4-2 win over Hertha Berlin in April.

And 2.): Things don’t look much better on Sundays. He has six bankruptcies Werder Bremen On this day in March, in addition to the four from the previous season, there are two 2:4 defeats in Heidenheim and Darmstadt in the current season. As encouragement before the first leg VfL Wolfsburg And on Sunday (3:30pm on DeichStube live) none of this is likely to happen. But perhaps that is not necessary, because the Werder Bremen coach Uli Werner He has always cared little about statistical quirks, preferring instead to draw confidence from entirely different points before an important duel.

Werder Bremen vs. Wolfsburg live: Coach Uli Werner praises Wolfsburg’s intensity

“There are things in football that simply cannot be explained,” the coach said on Friday when discussing the misery away from home and on Sunday during the pre-match press conference. SV Werder Bremen It was briefly a problem. But in the eyes of the 35-year-old, it is very easy to explain what his team did VfL Wolfsburg What will coach Niko Kovac have to do to follow up the 2-0 win over Union Berlin as directly as possible with the following feeling of success.

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“If you look at Wolfsburg’s matches, you see a team that is one of the strongest in the league in terms of desire to run, tackle and pace. They are very well organised,” he praised. Uli Wernerwhose next sentence began with a big “but” and sounded like this: “But in past Bundesliga matches they rarely managed to last more than 90 minutes,” said the coach. SV Werder Bremen On the VfL Wolfsburg.

This is what Werder Bremen’s starting lineup could look like against Wolfsburg!

Werder Bremen vs. Wolfsburg live: Wolfsburg beat Leipzig in the German Cup during the week

In fact, the ambitious Volkswagen club are currently on a three-game losing streak in the league. 1:3 in Stuttgart was followed by 1:2 against Leverkusen and 2:3 in Augsburg. In general, the team whose goal is to qualify for an international competition has so far collected twelve points, which is only three more than Werder Bremen. A 1-0 win in the second round of the German Cup over defending champions RB Leipzig should prove that. VfL Wolfsburg But it gave a boost during the week.

“They have phases in the game where they open the door to the opponent every now and then, and the opponents were able to use that very well in the German League,” he said. Uli WernerBefore stating unequivocally: “This is also our mission.” Notice when the opponent twitches or presses less – then be there! That’s how he wants it Werder Bremen In the VfL Wolfsburg Addressing what actually makes high attack efficiency essential. While Bremen’s backline is likely to be occupied by one man in particular: Jonas Wind.

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Werder Bremen vs. Wolfsburg live: Ole Werner warns of Wolfsburg striker Jonas Wind

He is a central striker, who comes from Denmark and has eight of the team’s 13 goals this season so far VfL Wolfsburg marked. “It is a team with a good staff in all positions. Of course they have a very good striker in Jonas Wind, who is currently going through a great phase,” he said. Uli WernerCoach SV Werder Bremen However, at the same time, he said: “As always, it is not just about one player, but the way the team plays as a whole that you have to defend and against which you also have to find solutions with the ball.”

The momentum that should carry not only the home team into the Volkswagen Arena after the cup win over Leipzig, but also Werder after a 2-0 win over Union Berlin could come in handy. The last week of training is called Uli Werner “Very focused.” It can be assumed that he will be in the game VfL Wolfsburg To a large extent, we once again trusted the coaching staff who performed well in the 0-1 loss in Dortmund and also against Union.

Werder Bremen vs. Wolfsburg live: Uli Werner didn’t want anything to do with the pressure before the Union-Berlin match

The great tension and pressure that prevailed around Osterdeich before the success against Kopenecker wanted it Uli Werner By the way, I don’t know anything: “To be honest, I haven’t really noticed it yet, but I know everything about it is different.” Things happen. Werner: “At this stage of the season, we will not have a doomsday scenario because of one match, and we will not be able to sit back and relax at the same time because of the win at home against Union Berlin.” Not if so SV Werder Bremen The first leg is next. On a Sunday. (dco)

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