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Formula 1 schedule in the Netherlands - live from Friday to Sunday

Formula 1 schedule in the Netherlands – live from Friday to Sunday

With a local champion as the title contender, the top motorsport class returns to the Netherlands after 36 years. What does ServusTV expert Christian Klein expect from the weekend? “Huge scenery, absolute emergency and absolute chaos.” ServusTV broadcasts Formula 1 from Zandvoort live from Friday to Sunday.

The Spa: The sport is a loser, a problem with the fans

Formula 1 is still under the impression of the chaos of rain at Spa-Francorchamps, according to ServusTV expert Christian Klein. “The truth is that it was too wet and dangerous on this high-speed track to start the race. But we have the weather radars. You could draw a line earlier.” And: “Now the points that might determine the World Cup have been awarded, even though there is no real race. The loser is the sport and the fans are angry.”

Verstappen’s fourth match at home

Just a few days later, the first class at Circuit Park Zandvoort stopped for the first time since 1985. For Red Bull’s Belgian-born driver Max Verstappen, the race will be his fourth home game in 2021. “If we see only the Dutch at Spielberg and only the Dutch at Spa,” he said. We will see more Dutch people in Zandvoort.” Fortunately Hohenemser. “That would be a completely different number.”

Triple vertical inflation

Zandvoort forms the second part of a block of three that will conclude next week at Monza. At the beginning of the summer there were three races on three Sundays in a row, and in November the scenario was repeated again. “In fact, they spoke up against these intense three-strokes last year,” the 38-year-old recalls. Certainly, the pandemic has caused delays. But one tries to hit the program with the lever.”

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Wind and sand change conditions

The road, which is festooned with steep curves and located in a dune landscape directly on the North Sea, has little in common with the road Niki Lauda once celebrated his last Grand Prix victory. External influences remain. Klien: “Because of the wind and sand blowing, the grip will be constantly changing. So you have to be able to respond quickly to changing track conditions.”

Formula 3 Knowledge Tracking

Although there is new territory for teams, most drivers are familiar with the mid-speed cycle of the Formula 3 Masters. “With Formula 1 cars, the track is completely different because of the higher speeds and later braking points,” explained the 49-time Grand Prix champion, who won the unofficial Formula 3 World Championship in 2003, later known as the Marlboro Masters.

Title fight at eye level

In any case, it is difficult to say which of the title contenders will be ahead in the Netherlands. “Both are at eye level. Perhaps Verstappen has a slight advantage because spectators will inspire him.” Lewis Hamilton is currently three points ahead of his opponent in the general standings. “But no matter how the race ends: the world championship will remain very exciting until the end. The cars are very similar in terms of performance.”

There is no modernization budget in Mercedes

However, Mercedes has announced that in light of the massive rule changes for 2022, it will not implement any further updates this year, while the Austrian contenders are still trying to free up resources in their budget. “It is clear that Red Bull is doing everything possible to win the title this year.”

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Max Verstappen Exclusive

ServusTV presents an exclusive feature about racing action with Max Verstappen, moving the crowd in the Dutch sand dunes. DTM chief Gerhard Berger, who is leading his racing series at the Red Bull Ring at the weekend, also participates from Spielberg. Andrea Schlager and Christian Klein report live from the pit lane at Circuit Park Zandvoort. As usual, Andreas Grubel will lead the programme, along with his experts Nico Hulkenberg, Mathias Lauda, ​​Philip Eng and Philip Brendel.

Dutch Grand Prix Formula 1 Heineken from 3 to 5 September live on ServusTV:

Friday (3 September):

11:25 a.m.: First free live training

2:55 pm: The second free training broadcast

Saturday (4 September):

11:55 a.m.: The third free training broadcast

14:40 Uhr: Qualification LIVE

4 pm: qualifying analysis

Sunday (5 September):

1:30 pm. sprint initial report

15:00: Live Race

4:40 pm: Race Analysis

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