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Formula 1: Spielberg himself in first place

Formula 1: Spielberg himself in first place

At the end of this race, for the first time, more than 300,000 Formula 1 fans will attend the Red Bull Circuit – meaning that Spielberg, as a venue, plays in the gala of the greats all over the world.

Last but not least, Max Verstappen is bringing up to 40,000 Dutch fans to Styria this weekend – and managing director Eric Wolf, stressed that the oranges are an important foundation for Red Bull’s current success, “simply because they bring the momentum and the wave effect of enthusiasm. And that’s where Which other nations and other drivers’ enthusiasts are joining.”

60,000 fans were already at the track in Friday’s playoffs. There have been no tickets for Sunday for a long time, for Saturday there is still hope for those who quickly decide: “We have a Sabbath that is practically out of date, but there may still be one or another place to sit or stand.”

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105,000 fans are allowed into the ring area every day – that’s the maximum number of spectators, more is not possible, and this is how it should remain in the future, as Red Bull Ring managing director Eric Wolf wishes: “The future is secured; we have contracts Valid and we want to continue where we are this year. We want to improve the quality here and there.”

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The Red Bull side will not reveal how long the contract with Formula 1 will last. The fact is that Formula 1 will overtake the Moto GP, which takes place in August, this time in terms of spectators: “But we will have a well-equipped house!”

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Continuous Improvement

The house – Ring in Spielberg – will continue to be developed by Red Bull with nice updates going forward: the buildings’ heating and cooling have already been made future-proof, and the site also has an advanced waste disposal system. Also recently, bus connections for fans to the loop area have been improved again.