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'Maybe it hit the car'

‘Maybe it hit the car’

( – “Maybe I’ve got a goal in the car,” Sebastian Vettel jokes, tormented a bit after the Formula 1 race in Spielberg. As in Saturday’s sprint race, another driver threw the Aston Martin driver into the gravel bed, and then had to step back to free himself. This time Vettel clashed with Pierre Gasly in the fourth round.

Sebastian Vettel had to get out of the cobblestone bed for the second time


Vettel and Gasly were vying for 12th place on lap 40 when Vettel tried to pass Alftauri from outside. “I don’t think there’s much to say there,” Vettel said. “I think it was a good maneuver from the outside.” “I was already done, and then it was too late and he drove me by.”

And Vettel had already seen in the car: “He should give up the curve, I was ahead,” he said on the radio. With the appendix, “What is the problem with these people?”

In the past, the German describes Gasly’s maneuver as “a bit over-ambitious”. “I was ahead and I don’t know where he was going. He obviously wanted to stay ahead of his nose, but he wasn’t.”

Gasly: ​​’I think that means it’s my fault’

For the collision, Gasly received a five-second penalty and two commissioner penalty points (To an overview of penalty points) circled. “I tried to fight hard,” the Frenchman explains. “You know when you fight side by side there is always danger. We’ve seen that in the past. It wasn’t on purpose, but Sebastian’s bad luck.”

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The AlphaTauri pilot can’t say much about the issue of guilt: “I haven’t looked at the recordings yet, so I can’t say anything against punishment. But if I get it, it means I’m to blame.”

Gasly finished 15th, while Vettel finished 17th and last. “The car wasn’t in the best shape after that,” says the German, who had problems throughout the race. “Part of another car fell on my front wing on the first lap,” he says. “I don’t know if the car was damaged by that. After that we were very slow.”

I have no idea about the penalty

The icing on the cake was a five-second penalty including one that Vettel earned on the last lap for multiple track-limit violations – leaving him behind Yuki Tsunoda’s AlphaTauri.

However, Vettel only discovered this during post-race interviews. “I didn’t know that at all,” he answered in astonishment when asked about it. “I had three [Verstöße] And I didn’t get a warning, so I don’t know how I can get a penalty if I don’t get a warning.”

“I had three violations, I was told on the last lap, and then it went up to five. It’s a bit strange,” Vettel said. However, he’s wrong here: the commissioners issued a warning after the third offense, and there was a penalty for Spielberg’s fourth offense.

Brake dust becomes a problem

After the race, there was another problem for Vettel, as the four-times world champion showed up to be interviewed with some black dust on his face. It was brake dust.

“To be honest, that’s something they need to work on because the front brake chute design is blowing all the brake dust in our faces this year and that’s not a good thing,” he says. “Inhaling carbon dust is not entirely healthy. I hope the FIA ​​will look at it very soon because it is pointless and easy to change.”

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