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Formula 1 - The VW Supervisory Board is also open to entering Formula 1 by Audi and Porsche

Formula 1 – The VW Supervisory Board is also open to entering Formula 1 by Audi and Porsche

Cologne (SID) – It appears that the entry of German brands Audi and Porsche into Formula 1 is approaching. As the trade magazine Auto Motor und Sport reported on Thursday, the supervisory board of parent company Volkswagen has given the green light for future participation by the two first-class subsidiaries. However, the final decision to start still depends on the exact design of the engine regulations from 2026.

“The board of directors and the supervisory board of Volkswagen AG, Porsche AG and Audi AG have confirmed the two groups’ plans for a possible entry into Formula 1,” the group said, at the request of the specialist magazine. Audi and Porsche will have details that we will tell you about later.”

The initiation decision “has not yet been made, we are in the final stage of evaluation. The new regulations for 2026 and subsequent years are not yet available. They provide for far-reaching changes to a more sustainable sport”, which is a prerequisite for a possible entry.

This year, if possible in the summer, the FIA ​​wants to approve regulations for new driving. Only then should there be detailed data from Porsche and Audi.

For Audi, a partial takeover of the traditional McLaren racing team seemed the most likely solution for a long time, but according to auto motor und sport, that option has now fallen into the background. Thus, the new candidate is Team Swiss Sauber, which currently competes under the Alfa Romeo name. However, everything at Porsche still boils down to cooperating with the Red Bull team.

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The basic features of future engine regulations are already in place, the engines should be simpler: one electric generator (MGU-H) will be canceled, the other (MGU-K) will save significantly more kilowatts. Half of the performance of the power unit should come from the combustion engine and the other half from the electric motor. 100 percent carbon dioxide-free fuel must also be used. All this is aimed at attracting new manufacturers.