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Formula 1 USA: Austin bumps cause headaches

Motorsport- – After a gap of one year, Formula 1 returns to the US round in Austin. Although new asphalt has been laid since the last start of primary class in Texas in 2019, the bumps are causing headaches. How big are the asphalt problems and how the FIA ​​will take action on them.

MotoGP warns: Dangerous bumps

Three weeks ago, on October 3, 2021, MotoGP completed its 15th season on the American circuit. The motorcycle world championship was already seen in free training sessions, however, “joke”, Aprilia regular driver Alex Espergo called it. Because the path was bumpy. “We can’t race here,” Spaniard said. The comparison with the motocross slopes was loud, with World Championship president Fabio Guardarro calling for new asphalt, for example.

The basic problem of the lesson is the nature of the ground. This is because it is very clay. There was already a wave of criticism at the 2019 Formula 1 race in Austin. The bumps are labeled “unacceptable”.

Large parts of the path were later rebuilt. But in the meantime the asphalt was rough in other places where the new asphalt layer had not been laid. The impact was most pronounced in 2 and 10 turns.

FIA reactions: On-site inspection by track inspector

At the Turkish GP, FIA Racing Director Michael Masi was asked about the problems with the next calendar station. He confirmed: “Since the 2019 Formula 1 event, much of the track has been rerouted to fix problems. But the problem areas for both bikes were in a different area.”

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“I spoke on the phone with my colleagues from FIM (World Motorcycle Federation) over the weekend to understand the whole situation,” Masi continued. Meanwhile, the FIA ​​has already taken the initiative. “Tony Godlin, who works as an FIA circuit inspector, is in the United States and was in Austin during the week,” Masi said.

Remove bumps

The Australian said: “This route is working for us and trying to resolve some concerns.” In concrete terms, this means removing bumps in the affected areas. “We still have a little time to do that, but the possibilities are being done at intervals,” he said over the weekend in Istanbul.

Between the motorcycle weekend on October 3 and the first Formula 1 free training session on Friday (October 22), there were 19 days, i.e. three weeks, to clear the bumps on the track.