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Forza Motorsport (8) also for Xbox One?

Forza Motorsport (8) also for Xbox One?

After Forza Motorsport 7, Xbox Game Studios decided to stop numbering. So if we are from Forza Motorsport 8 Speak, then the next day Forza Motorsportwhich will be sometime in the fall of 2022 For Xbox Series X / S, Windows PC and apparently also Xbox One Will appear.

Almost two years ago, we watched the first trailer for Forza Motorsport. The video featured 4K graphics, textbook textures, and insanely good lighting. Actually something that only the Xbox Series X/S can afford, but no longer the Xbox One. At least the standard console or the S. Forza Motorsport version only for the current generation of consoles and PCs? In fact, it is already over.

Forza Motorsport (8): Are these screenshots evidence of the Xbox One version of the racing game?

However, there is one Post on RedditWhich makes us doubt Forza Motorsport won’t be coming to Xbox One anymore. Two screenshots, allegedly taken on an Xbox One, have been released in July 2021. The images themselves show more than just a garage and a team waiting to start the race. The fact that these images are from the Xbox One will be the real news about it.

Forza Motorsport for Xbox One from Leaks and rumors

It remains to be seen if Forza Motorsport will actually make an appearance for the roughly 10-year-old Xbox One.

the Actual Sales performance vs. PlayStation 5 Good, at least “looks good” for Xbox Series consoles. But the fact of the matter is that both consoles are barely available and it seems that Series S sales are driving the current generation of Xbox consoles. The Xbox Series S is much cheaper and easier to produce than that Xbox Xbox X. It may also be the reason for the decision that Forza Motorsport will also come to Xbox One. This only allows you to reach a larger player base than the current generation.

Forza Motorsport Developed by Turn 10 Studios.

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