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Four Hills Championship: Geiger misses podium at Bischofchofen - Lindvik can't beat Kobayashi

Four Hills Championship: Geiger misses podium at Bischofchofen – Lindvik can’t beat Kobayashi

Ryoyu Kobayashi (Japan) is now the first skater to ever win a Grand Slam Championship for the second time – winning all four of the Four Hills Championships. “So far I haven’t thought about it,” said the 25-year-old. “But now he wants to take advantage of the opportunity: this is a great opportunity.”

Kobayashi had already done so in 2018/19. However, Innsbruck is not part of the 2021/22 programme; The Bergisel jump on Tuesday was canceled and moved to Bischofshofen, where in Epiphany a second jump (qualifying at 2:30pm, jumping at 5:30pm live on Eurosport 1 on TV, In Eurosport with Gwen and in Liveticker at

The Japanese fell on Wednesday at 137.0 and 137.5 meters (291.3 points) thus consolidating his lead in this year’s “Three Hills Championship”. Marius Lindvik (Norway), still in the lead after the first round, missed the day’s victory with a failed touchdown (137.5m/135.5m/286.6) by 4.7 points.


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With the equivalent of ten meters in front of Lindvik, Kobayashi can almost cool sparkling wine. “I was very nervous, but I was able to show a good jump and I am very happy with that,” Kobayashi said. Third place went to Halvor Egner Granerud (Norway), who landed 1.6 points ahead of Karl Geiger (Oberstdorf) twice by 135.5 meters (282.4).

Lindvik failed to land – Kobayashi also won the third jump

Razia Geiger and Eisenbechler

Geiger showed good competition, but didn’t quite come close to the top with 133.0 and 136.0 meters (280.8).

“That was an announcement!”: Jaeger missed the podium

“I realized myself again, things are moving forward. I’m satisfied so far,” said Jaeger. Eurosport: “I’m only interested in individual jumps. I wanted to get back on track, it worked. Maybe I’ll be on the podium tomorrow.”

Marcus Eisenbechler (Siegsdorf) missed the general tour podium attack by 130.0m in the first round (16). For this, he showed a powerful second jump for the best daily distance of 140.5 meters (270.3), after which the jury shortened the lead-up to the race by two slots.

“In the first round I pressed very early. I have to trust my feelings more, I did it in the second jump,” the 30-year-old said after finishing eighth that day: “I am very happy with this competition. I will attack again tomorrow. “

First day in Bischofshofen: Geiger regains his composure

Four Hills Championship: 3rd place still possible for DSV stars

National team coach Stefan Horngacher summed it up: “Karl showed that he can jump right in front. It didn’t work out with Marcus.”

in a Overall standings for the round Eisenbechler and Geiger are fourth and fifth behind Kobayashi, Lindvik and Granrod – realistically, the Germans can only reach third on Thursday.

Both could claim their first German Tour win since Sven Hannawald 20 years ago – Kobayashi is too strong for that.

“He jumped well, but he didn’t jump perfectly,” Werner Schuster analyzed for Eurosport: “It feels good for an athlete when you know: I have a little buffer for the next ball.”

Strange Moment: Photographer Eisenbechler on Skates

Freund and Willinger in the top 15

Severin Freund (Rastbüchl) confirmed his improvement in form with 12th place (131.5 m / 133.5 m / 257.3). Andreas Wellinger (Ruhpolding), surprise Seventh in the qualification, landed at 129.5 and 130.5 meters (252.7 / 15) and thus in the top 15.

“I can be really satisfied with the competition,” Freund Bey said. Eurosport: “The second jump was a little early, but everything is fine!”

Stefan Leahy (Wellingen) rehabilitated himself on his 30th birthday with a weaker first jump (130.5m) with 135.0m in the second round (249.0) and with 20th he kept his chance to reach the top 10 overall.

Konstantin Schmid (Oberaudorf/132.0 m/32) and Pius Paschke (Kiefersfelden/108.0/46) failed in the first round.

Cos retracts with bad luck

Slovenian Lovro Kos, who finished third in the Tour ahead of Bischofshofen, was unlucky, falling into fresh snow in the first round as he jumped to 136.0m after landing and thus slipping back into the overall standings.

Meanwhile, defending champion Kamil Stoch (Poland) – aged 34 – has left due to his poor performance. He gives up jumping at Bischofshofen and prefers training.

“Very bitter!” Kos Round 3 falls in the snow of Bischofshofen

Bischofshofen: rain turns to snow

On the day after the chaotic winds at Bergisel, conditions were regular, but not really pleasant: the continual fog and rain, which later turned into snow, gave rise to a more bleaker atmosphere than anyway – spectators were not allowed to be in Bischofshofen either.

Jaeger & Co demanded a lot from the tight schedule in the final two days of the tour with as many as eight jumps.

After leaving Stoch: Here’s what Males says about the Polish tour disaster

In order to recharge their batteries and not have to wait in the dreary container village at the ski jump, DSV-Adler withdrew to the team hotel in St. Competition – The first round began to recover well.

Double Qualified Money Prize for Kobayashi

Qualifying held in Innsbruck on Monday is no longer valid, as the preliminary round had to be played on the same hill as the competition.

On Monday and Wednesday, Kobayashi won the qualification and took home twice cash prize (3200 Swiss francs each).

Two victories qualify for the same jump – perhaps the strangest yet among the Japanese’s best marks.

Kobayashi frankly after his third championship jump: “I was nervous”

Four Hills Championship: Overall Ranking

(After 3 out of 4 competitions)

Place Noun points
1. R. Kobayashi (Japan) 884.5
2. Lindvik (Norway) 866.6 (-17.9)
3. HE Granerud (Norway) 845.8 (- 38.7)
4. Eisenbechler (Germany) 842.4 (- 42,1)
5. K. Geiger (Germany) 841.7 (- 42.8)
6. R. Johansson (Norway) 830.2 (- 54,3)
7. Kos (Slovenia) 819.4 (- 65.1)
8. Hurl (Austria) 800,4 (- 84,1)
9. Wai Sato (Japan) 783.6 (- 100.9)
10. Huber (Austria) 783.1 (-101.4)

Bischofshofen January 6 schedule:

time Event
2:30 pm Qualification (live in Eurosport)
17:30 Jumping (live at Eurosport)

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Eurosport shows all four of the Four Hills Championships including qualifying live on free TV. Werner Schuster comments with Gerhard Lenore, Martin Schmidt analyzes with Birgit Nossing in the studio. All live jumps are also available at Eurosport with Joyn+!

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