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Four Hills Championship: Karl Geiger missed today's win in Bischofshofen - Ryo Kobayashi took the overall win

Four Hills Championship: Karl Geiger missed today’s win in Bischofshofen – Ryo Kobayashi took the overall win

Japanese figure skater Ryoyu Kobayashi won the 70th Four Hills Tournament, but missed her second historic Grand Slam tournament.

After three previous wins, the 25-year-old World Cup leader (133.5 m / 133.5 m / 277.8 points) at the Epiphany in Bischofshofen was fifth with Austrian Daniel Huber’s victory to complete the round after 2018/19 to win the record. From 1162.3 for the second time.

Kobayashi was awarded the Golden Eagle for the second time and could win a new record premium of 100,000 Swiss francs (about 96,700 euros) for total victory After jumping in Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen and twice in Bischofshofen (Insbruck canceled).

Ski jump

Jaeger after the podium: the final score of the 70th Hills Tournament

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The Japanese earned a total of CHF147,300 (around €141,500) with three daily wins and four qualifying wins – a decent salary after eight grueling days of competition since December 28.

For the second time: Kobayashi receives the Golden Eagle

Hopper’s first World Cup win – Geiger left behind

Kobayashi said in Eurosport. With the overall win, the 25-year-old solidified the most important season of last season before Beijing Olympics (February 4-20, live on Eurosport) Impressively played his part as a favourite.

Kobayashi was not given victory in all four competitions – Daniel Huber, who took ninth in the overall standings, finished in the second competition in Bischofhofen at a distance of 136.5 meters and 137.0 meters (286.8 meters), thus celebrating his first World Cup victory.

Unbelievable, I have no words, said the 29-year-old: “Winning the World Cup for the first time at home is like a dream. It’s one of the best days of my life. Today it all comes together. So much fun skiing.”

Karl Geiger (140.5m/132.0m/281.9), who was in the lead after the first round, slipped to third in the final on Thursday and was fourth overall. “The second jump wasn’t quite clean, it was too late, which bothered me,” said Jaeger. Eurosport. He missed second place on the day by only 0.5 points.

Despite the overall ranking, Geiger reached four positive conclusions

After fifth in Oberstdorf, seventh in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and fourth in the first competition at Bischofshofen on Wednesday, Geiger secured at least his first podium at the 70th Four Hills Championship. “I am very satisfied,” said the man from Oberstdorf.

Although he traveled to the Tour as the overall captain of the World Cup and thus the favourite, Geiger participated Eurosport Positive conclusion: “It fits. It was a tough ride from the start with a damper in the middle in between (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, editor’s note). It was just a matter of getting back in and I did really well today. That’s why I’m satisfied.”

Conclusion of the tour in Bischofshofen: Here’s what Jaeger, Kobayashi & Co. have to say

Geiger finished third overall in Daoud Kupaki of Poland’s win in 2019/20 and second overall in Camille Stosch (Poland)’s third win in 2020/21 – this time missing the podium by 4.6 points.

“It’s always a bit bitter,” national coach Stefan Horngacher said on ARD about Jaeger. “It’s going on, he’s presented himself very well. The tour didn’t go 100 per cent as we wanted it to.”

Geiger shows his nerve in the final – Hopper celebrates his first World Cup win

Eisenbechler struggles with the second jump

Markus Eisenbichler (133.0 m / 134.0 m / 275.2) finished eighth and was fifth overall – for the first time since 2016/17 there was no DSV Eagle on the podium. In 2018/19, the Siegsdorf native made his best run with a runner-up in Kobayashi’s first overall win.

After 140.5 meters and second in the heats behind Kobayashi, the 30-year-old did not fully maintain his level in the competition. “It’s so late, I really hurt,” said Eisenbechler. Eurosport About his second jump: “I’ve seen myself jump in a 125. The fact that I’m jumping so far is great, but it bothers you even more because you know there’s a lot in it. But I’m guilty,” he added.

He couldn’t really make friends with fifth place on the Tour: “Nobody cares. You have to be on the podium, that’s important. Unfortunately, both Carl and I missed our chance today.” The German hopefuls have to wait 20 years after Sven Hannawald’s victory in the last round.

Overall, they “performed well, but something was a little missing”. Eisenbechler jumped just 0.2 points behind Kobayashi after today’s win at Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Germany’s best individual result in the 2021/22 round.

Lindvik and Granerud on the podium

The podium finishes second and third of the Tour went to Marius Lindvik and Halvor Aigner Granrod of Norway. Lindvik, who had already finished second at Tour 2020, saved himself at Bischofshofen after a messy first jump in 10th (126.0 m / 139.0 m / 271.5) and thus held the lead ahead of Eisenbechsler and Geiger and today’s Granrod (136.5 m / 139.0 m / 271.5) . m / 136.0 m / 282.4).

“I’m glad I made it to round two,” Lindvik said after the 23rd average. “I’m very happy with second place in the Tour. Rio was incredible, well deserved win.”

Konstantin Schmid (Oberaudorf / 130.5 m / 130.0 m / 255.7) came in 17th place, and Pius Paschke (Kiefersfelden / 130.5 m / 126.0 m / 245.1) came in 23rd. Stefan Leahy (Willingen/130.0m/125.5m/242.2) turned 25 one day after his 30th birthday and thus just lost the top 10 overall standings (11th).

“The fact that I managed all eight jumps is positive. Today. There are a few meters missing from the top 10,” said Leahy, who completely missed the 2020/21 season with a torn cruciate ligament and returned to the World Cup this winter.

Severin Freund (46./121.5 m), who lost a duel against overall World Cup winner Granrod, Olympic champion Andreas Wellinger (34./124.0 m), World Big Hill champion Stefan Kraft by 0, was eliminated in the first round losing two points ( Both are 124.0 m).

Slovenian Kos jumps 144 meters

Meanwhile, Lovro Kos (Slovenia) was satisfied with a best daily run of 144.0m in the second round – just one meter off the hill record set by Daveid Kobaki (Poland) since 2019 and the third longest jump ever at Four Hills. Competition.

144 meters! Cos succeeds in the third and second sentence in the history of the journey

Manuel Wittner (Austria), sixth after the first round, fell on the touchdown after jumping to 132.0 metres.

Compared to Kobayashi, the DSV-Adler lacked consistency, perfect jumps and sometimes the necessary wind luck during the tour. Geiger stayed close to fifth at the start in Oberstdorf, but lost crucial meters in Garmisch-Partenkirchen due to tail wind.

Eisenbechler missed the New Year’s jump by 0.2 points, or eleven centimeters. Prior to that, the six-time world champion doubled seventh in Oberstdorf.

20 years of non-victory German tour

The wind-related cancellation of the Bergisel jump in Innsbruck, which may have shaken the overall arrangement and was instead configured at Bischofshofen, which is more windproof, did not help the notable German travelers of the “Dreischanzentournee” as well.

So even 20 years after Hannawald, and after the last six podiums have finished in Germany since 2016, the long-awaited Tour title has yet to be achieved.

In the past, Horngacher could have remained satisfied with his team’s performance. Leahy reported strongly after suffering a cruciate ligament tear, and that the world champion Freund, who previously jumped in the continental cup, and Olympic champion Willinger, who finished seventh in the first Bischofshofen qualifier, proved their presence in the World Cup team with good results.

In any case, the DSV team will remain in Bischofshofen, with individual and team competition for Paul-Ausserleitner-Schanze in Pongau already at the weekend.

Four Hills Championship: Final Result

Place Noun points
1. R. Kobayashi (Japan) 1162,3
2. Lindvik (Norway) 1138.1 (-24,2)
3. HE Granerud (Norway) 1128,2 (-34,1)
4. K. Geiger (Germany) 1123,6 (-38,7)
5. Eisenbechler (Germany) 117.6 (-44,7)
6. R. Johansson (Norway) 1107.9 (-54,4)
7. Kos (Slovenia) 1093.0 (-69.3)
8. Hurl (Austria) 1075.7 (-86.6)
9. Huber (Austria) 1069.9 (-92,4)
10. Wai Sato (Japan) 1064.7 (-97,6)
11. S. Leyhe (Germany) 1021.9 (- 140.4)
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