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Four people were killed in an explosion at a hydroelectric power station in Italy

Four people were killed in an explosion at a hydroelectric power station in Italy

Three people are still missing. The search is still ongoing. Five workers suffered severe burns, and three others were unharmed.

Four workers have died after an explosion at a hydroelectric power station on Lake Soviana in the Apennines near Bologna. Three people were missing and five others were seriously burned. Rescue units said that three workers were still safe. Italian media reported on Tuesday that a search operation by the Carabinieri and the fire brigade for the missing persons was underway.

When the explosion occurred around 3 p.m., work was underway on the turbines of the transformer rooms at a depth of 30 meters below the water level. Marco Masinara, mayor of Camuniano, the municipality where the hydroelectric power plant is located, said the fire then spread.

Underwater buildings

Due to the thick smoke, the fire department had difficulty entering the hydroelectric power station. The building is currently under water. According to emergency services, the causes of the explosion are still unclear. However, this had no effect on the dam wall of the Suviana Reservoir.

The lake is located in a regional park in the Apennines at an altitude of about 500 metres. It was created by building a dam in 1928 and 1932. The Italian Minister of Environment and Energy, Gilberto Bechetto Frattin, will also be constantly informed about the rescue work.

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