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South Korea: The opposition expects to win the parliamentary elections

South Korea: The opposition expects to win the parliamentary elections

President Yoon Suk-yeol wanted to restore the majority in the People's Parliament. But that seems to have failed.

According to initial forecasts, the opposition in South Korea has won the parliamentary elections in South Korea. The opposition was able to expand its majority in Parliament, according to forecasts published on Wednesday after the polls closed. This would have thwarted President Yeon Suk-yeol's party's plan to regain a majority in parliament in the elections.

A total of 44.25 million people were able to cast their votes in Asia's fourth-largest economy. According to the State Election Commission, more than 950 candidates and 38 parties have registered for the elections, which are held every four years.

Difficult times for President Yu

The parliamentary elections were a battle between conservative President Yoon and his People Power Party and his rival, opposition leader Lee Jae-myung of the Democratic Party. Lee was narrowly defeated by Yoon in the 2022 presidential election. With the outcome of the parliamentary election, Lee can now make governing more difficult for the president than before.

Yoon has lost popularity during his two years in office. The defeat in parliament also hampered his agenda, including health reforms and the abolition of the Ministry of Gender Equality. On foreign policy, Yoon advocates a tough approach toward North Korea, rapprochement with former colonial power Japan, and good relations with the United States.

Lee supports a more moderate course toward Pyongyang and China. He is being investigated for corruption in several cases. He denies all accusations.


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