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Frankfurt Airport closes the northwest runway again

Frankfurt Airport closes the northwest runway again

Status: 06/02/2023 06:39 AM

Germany’s largest airport has extensively renovated its northwest runway. But a few hours after it reopened, it had to be closed again. The pilots reported tire damage.

The northwest runway at Frankfurt Airport, which was temporarily closed, reopened on Thursday evening. Lufthansa planes landed there again shortly after 8 p.m., a spokesman for operator Fraport reported.

The recently renovated runway was temporarily taken out of service on Thursday for safety reasons after several planes damaged tires on landing. On a slope with a length of 2800 meters Particularly attractive coverage was attached.

Lufthansa complained of “massive tire wear”

After the first reports of damage, Lufthansa no longer allowed its planes to land on the railway line. the Aero Gate It quoted an internal Lufthansa memo: “There is significant tire wear on landing and a build-up of tires that are no longer usable after landing.” The surface of Fraport was then smoothed using rollers.

“Excellent” on the northwest stand in Frankfurt

The airport operator had previously announced that the safety of passengers and staff is its top priority. Although the surface was first applied in Frankfurt, it has been rigorously tested at other airports in Europe. Fraport confirmed that the requirements of the Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) had all been complied with.

Fraport: More Grip – Less Maintenance

After removing the rubber abrasive, the runway was fitted with a new type of anti-skid surface. According to airport operator Fraport, this should provide more grip. A new roof should also mean that it requires less maintenance. In addition, up to 25 percent de-icing agent must be provided in the winter months.

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According to Fraport, there were “sporadic delays in operations” on Thursday due to the shutdown. In the past two weeks, there have been significant delays of up to 500 hours per day at Frankfurt Airport during construction work, German air traffic control reported. About 120 flights have been completely cancelled.