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Russia claims to have repulsed the attack in Belgorod

Russia claims to have repulsed the attack in Belgorod

According to official information from Moscow, the Russian army once again destroyed more than 50 fighters in addition to tank technology and military equipment in new attacks by the Ukrainian side in its border region near Belgorod. Yesterday evening, the Ministry of Defense in Moscow announced that the “Kiev regime” fired at the city of Shchebykino, where there is also a border crossing for vehicles. The ministry announced in the afternoon that it had prevented the fighters from infiltrating.

Reports of “devastating destruction”

People who fled the area spoke of “devastating devastation” in the city, only part of which is shown on Russian state television. A video showed the roof of a tall apartment building catching fire. The attacks rocked the region for days. There were already dead and wounded.

Again the “Russian Volunteer Corps” and the “Russian Freedom” corps claimed responsibility for the attacks. The fighters serving on Ukraine’s side said they wanted to bring freedom, peace and tranquility to Russia. The Ukrainian government says it has nothing to do with the attacks. Last week there was a breakthrough on the Ukrainian side. Then the Ministry of Defense in Moscow announced the destruction of more than 70 fighters.

According to local media, the residents of the area are in turmoil and fleeing because the Russian leadership cannot guarantee their safety.

The fighters, in turn, said that they could not protect the people because the Russian armed forces were using heavy weapons. According to the ministry in Moscow, there have been several attempts to infiltrate Russian lands, especially in the Donets River area. As a result, the Russian military used aircraft, missiles, and artillery to prevent the fighters from entering.

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