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Frederiksen begins exploratory talks in Denmark

Frederiksen begins exploratory talks in Denmark

Three days after the parliamentary elections, the prime minister will meet with leaders of other parties to discuss the possibilities of forming a government.

Acting Prime Minister Mitt Frederiksen Talks have begun in Denmark about forming a new government. Three days after the general election On Friday, the leader of the Danish Social Democrats met for the first time with Jakob Illmann Jensen, the leader of the conservative Liberal Fenster party.

During the day, Frederiksen wanted to speak to the other party leaders at her official residence in Marienburg, north of Copenhagen, to explore possibilities for forming a future Danish government.

The Social Democrats were with Obviously, Tuesday’s election again the strongest force In front of the new Fenster Party and former Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen, the moderates. Just before the last votes were counted, the left camp, which had previously supported Frederiksen’s minority government in Parliament, achieved a slim majority of 90 out of 179 seats, taking into account mandates from Greenland and the Faroe Islands. This distribution of states was confirmed on Friday by the Danish Statistics Authority DST, after they checked the raw numbers more closely than usual this time due to the narrow result.

Will Frederiksen succeed in a cross-bloc government?

However, Frederiksen aims to form a broad government across the political centre, which is unusual for Denmark. Frederiksen said in the morning that voters had expressed a clear desire for a parliament that works together. She believes that the chances of forming a government across the bloc are good. In Denmark, as in Europe, you are in an exceptional situation that requires doing things differently than usual, and that also means making compromises. However, Ellemann-Jensen said he had no ambitions to make Frederiksen prime minister again.

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