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Russia tests new nuclear submarine Generalissimo Suvorov

Russia tests new nuclear submarine Generalissimo Suvorov

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on the population to stand firm in the face of massive Russian attacks on the country’s energy infrastructure. “To endure Russian energy terrorism is now our national task,” Zelensky said in his evening video address Thursday. He spoke of about 4.5 million people repeatedly affected by emergency lockdowns, mainly in Kyiv and ten other regions.

The fact that Russia has been increasingly attacking thermal power plants and power plants in recent times is a “sign of weakness,” Zelensky said. Unable to achieve success on the battlefield, the Russian army is now trying to “break” the Ukrainians on this path. But this will not work.

The mayor urged municipalities to provide electricity. “Now is certainly not the time for bright display cases, signs, advertisements, and other similar lighting.” In addition, suppliers have to explain to people when and why the zones will be shut down.

“If someone doesn’t have electricity for eight or 10 hours and everything on the other side of the street is connected, including the streetlights, that is definitely unfair,” Zelensky said.

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