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Free ESC: ProSieben participant names - no one expected them

Free ESC: ProSieben participant names – no one expected them

“Free ESC”: ProSieben announces participants – no one can count on you

May 12, 2021 at 2:56 pm


“Free ESC” hosts: Steven Gätjen and Conchita Wurst.

Photo: ProSieben / Willi Weber

It’s that time again on Saturday. It was “ESC is freeLast year it was a substitute for the distinguished ‘ESC’ ProSieben And Stephen Rapp this year. ”ESC is freeRunning next to the ‘normal’ ESC.

And the ProSieben Not saved. As in the previous year, when Helge Schneider, Niko Santos and Vanessa May were, among others, on stage, the station would again put on a first-class show. ”ESC is free– He lined up on the stage.

ESC Free: You will be on stage on Saturday

Yasmine Wagner competing for Croatia. SEVEN will compete for Switzerland. Italy snatched the Monrose organ. Mandy Capristo will compete for Italy.

Mattia will sing for Austria. Despite Brexit, it can compete with England as well. This is how Mighty Oaks will be on stage. Elif sings to Turkey. Rhea Garvey competes with Ireland.

Free ESC: a feel of Schlager from Poland

Singing to Poland is a real sensation. Nobody expects the Fantasy duo to succeed. For Spain there will be a singer named Juan Daniel. France offers Hugel. Danny Vera is there for our neighbor, the Netherlands. Sotiriya sings to Greece.


This is the FREE ESC:

  • Stefan Raab invented the free ESC system
  • It was first held in 2020
  • The first winner was Spain with Niko Santos


The singer who is competing for Scotland is also prominent. It’s Amy MacDonald. Belgium should also be one of the candidates. Milow will work.

And there will also be a surprise guest. German ESC 2020 participant Ben Dolce sings for Slovenia on Saturday.


ProSieben: Jenke with ex-nazis on the street – it’d be uncomfortable

Beatrice Egli: A sexy beach photo – “Oh my God!”


Germany has yet to answer the question of who will run for Germany on Wednesday. This will not be disclosed until the offer. But Stephen Gatin offered a hint. “A squad that will create such a great atmosphere that we will meet the man on the moon.” Well, that could only be the prince.

ESC is free: You award points

As last year, the public will again decide who will win the “FREE ESC” this year. There are also representatives of the participating countries involved who award points on behalf of their country. Others include two-time ESC winner Johnny Logan, Lucas Cordales and Nathan Evans.

By the way, broadcasting from Lanxess Arena in Cologne.

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