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A big DSDS love surprise: These two candidates are now a couple

A big DSDS love surprise: These two candidates are now a couple

These nine candidates fought for a dream of becoming a star. Photo: TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

DSDS Love Surprise: These live show nominees are now duo

The nine remaining DSDS nominees from the first live show were not very close to their dream of becoming Germany’s next superstar. But the season’s singers seem to have taken time away from the show’s stage. A reminder: Katarina Eisenblot and Marvin Venturas got to know and love each other’s DSDS candidates in this year’s edition.

To the great surprise Fans There is now another pair of lovers who have walked out of the casting show. The two officially showed on their Instagram profiles that they are no longer just classmates chime in together on music vocal breaks.

Kevin Ginwen and Pia Sophie Rimmel declare their love

A few days ago, DSDS finalist Kevin Genywen uploaded a new video Instagram high. This featured his song “Minefields”, which he recorded with candidate Pia Sophie Rimmel. The hashtags have already suggested that they won’t stop at a single ad. Because Kevin wrote under it “I Love You” or “My Girl”. Only a “best friend” could have left 115,000 subscribers in the dark.

But now the last doubts are brushed aside with a fresh shot. The reason: Kevin posted their first kiss photo in his story. He also tagged his sweetheart on her, who of course reposted the photo of herself and added a heart to the post. From automatic She also took a letter of greeting to her fans along with Kevin.

Pia Sophie was happy and said: “I wanted to thank you again for all your congratulations. There were so many messages and I was really happy.” And also:

Pia-Sophie is happy with the fan news. Photo: Instagram / Pia-Sophie Remmel

In the eighteenth season of “DSDS,” the two got into live shows. Kevin, who has been seen in previous seasons, was finally fighting for the title at last. In the end, the 27-year-old had to be satisfied with third place. Pia Sophie followed closely with fifth place.


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