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Free instead of € 1.79: with this app you start the right New Year

Free instead of € 1.79: with this app you start the right New Year


The Android app “Heimtraining Gym Pro”, which costs €1.79 otherwise, is temporarily free in the Google Play Store. If you want to do more sports this year, take a look at the program.

The Heimtraining Gym Pro app on Android is currently being abandoned. Otherwise it costs 1.79 euros. (Source: EdZbarzhyvetsky /

  • Heimtraining Gym Pro is currently available for free on the Google Play Store. Otherwise, the fitness app costs 1.79 euros.
  • The program offers training plans for building muscle, warming up and stretching.
  • You use your own body weight in your workouts, and you don’t need accessories like dumbbells or resistance bands.

Almost every day it is a regular in the Google Play Store Paid mobile apps and games are served away. Free campaigns aim to raise awareness and attract new users. In some cases, you can secure very good apps and games for free and save a few euros.

in a google apps Free instead of €1.79*


Among other things, the fitness app Home Training Gym Pro is provided free of charge. Usually it costs 1.79 euros. If one of your good decisions is about more sports, take a closer look at the program.

It offers training plans and exercises to train different muscle groups without additional equipment such as dumbbells or resistance bands. You are only using your own body weight. The following training modules are included:

  • legs
  • armed
  • chest
  • stomach
  • body hole

In addition to actually building muscle, it also includes warm-up and stretching plans. In this way, the risk of infection is significantly reduced. Various exercises are shown to you in video form so that you can imitate them more easily and, above all, do them correctly. The videos were created by professional fitness trainers.

If you like it, the app will remind you of your workouts. A weight chart is also included that you can use to monitor your progress. Important: Several free exercises are included in the purchase version. However, if you want more, you must activate additional exercises via additional in-app purchases.

Is it worth downloading?

“Home Training Gym Pro” is definitely worth looking for if you’ve decided to do more sports, but don’t sign up for a gym near you right away.

You can make great progress by exercising with your body weight. If your claim increases at some point, you can always consider if you want to invest more money.

home workout gym pro

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Android apps are currently available for free

Android apps are currently available for free

The included videos are especially useful, where you can see how to perform the exercises correctly. This is very important to avoid injuries. The app has already been downloaded over a million times from the Play Store. It currently has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

To use it, you must have at least Android 4.1 installed on your Android phone. So very old devices are also supported. It is not known how long the free promo will be valid, so if you are interested, you should get it quickly.

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