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Samsung 2022 Micro LED Coming in 89", Neo QLED Sees An Upgrade

Samsung 2022 Micro LED Coming in 89″, Neo QLED Sees An Upgrade

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LAS VEGAS (Pocket-lint) – Shortly before CES 2022, which is full throttle in person and by default, Samsung introduced the TV 2022 update for Micro LED, Neo QLED, and Lifestyle models.

At the top of the stack is the Micro LED Refresh, which now offers an 89-inch model as well as 101 and 110-inch versions. Micro LED is an exciting task because it contains tiny LEDs (25 million of them, at least) that light up similarly to an OLED, but with a higher peak brightness.

This should ensure optimum image quality, as the 2022 series delivers millions of brightness and color levels for the ultimate High Dynamic Range (HDR) experience—especially since the frame is almost completely cropped, with a 99.9 percent screen-to-body ratio for this design.

So, if you can buy one – compact LED TVs will cost a lot of money (several thousand reads) we’re sure, although prices haven’t been confirmed yet. However, it is time for Samsung to bring the technology to consumer products to actually buy it.

Next in the range is the 2022 Neo QLED Refresh with Neo Quantum processor for more advanced contrast imaging using backlighting. The new TVs will be able to handle lighting across 16,384 levels – four times the 4,096 of the previous generation – allowing for more effective HDR viewing.

Neo QLED models also have an EyeComfort mode, which automatically adjusts screen brightness and tone using a built-in light sensor with sunrise/sunset cycles. It’s somewhat similar to Apple’s True Tone display, which adjusts colors based on ambient light for a more balanced and comfortable viewing.

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The other big change is the focus on sound improvement. Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound System (OTS) has been enhanced with the introduction of OTS Pro, which includes step-up speakers to enhance immersive volume with over-the-top bass.

The last of these triple screens is Samsung’s lifestyle monitors – Frame, Sero, and Serif – which feature a new matte screen with anti-glare, anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint properties.

There’s no word on pricing or availability just yet, but with Samsung hosting CES 2022 – likely for next-generation displays – expect that on Wednesday, January 5, after the evening conference on Tuesday, January 4, the full information will follow.

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