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Free replenishment rescue fund for club members

Free replenishment rescue fund for club members

Waste bins – Rescue bins again

Thousands of tons of fruits and vegetables never make it from the field to the supermarket shelves because of their shape and color. “Afreshed” keeps groceries out of the trash with their rescue bins.

“Wasting food is a climate sin that has been hushed up,” says Bernhard Boxcrocker, one of the three founders of Afreshed. The startup from Linz has been committed to food saving since its foundation and has sent thousands of so-called ‘rescue boxes’ with organic vegetables and fruits to be thrown away every week.

Thanks to the boxes, your fruits and vegetables get a second chance – and now you can become a food saver too!
All additional information about the funds can be found here here.

The boxes are always unpacked and filled with 100% organic fruits and vegetables.
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Club members receive a free chest upon request.

to redeem It is the discount after completing the order process. To do this, send an email with your name and club membership number to [email protected]. The value of the selected box will then be deducted or refunded upon request.

The discount is valid until canceled and can be redeemed once per club membership number.

Kleine Zeitung GmbH & Co KG is free to choose the services covered by the Kleine Zeitung Club and can change or discontinue them at any time. The Kleine Zeitung Club and the offers/services included in the Kleine Zeitung Club are all voluntary additional services not included in your subscription fee.

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