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Free training sessions at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix today in the live tape

Free training sessions at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix today in the live tape

The weekend race starts in Baku on Friday with two free practice sessions. You can follow both sessions here in the live stream.

After Monaco, the sixth race of the Formula 1 season is now on the agenda. The pilots are in Baku, Azerbaijan, on the Baku City Circuit. The practice of the first and second numbers will be completed today. You won’t miss a thing with our live tape.

Formula 1: The first free practice in Baku – Top 5

Leader Charles Leclerc
2nd place Carlos Sainz
the third place Lando Norris
fourth place Lewis Hamilton
Fifth place Lance’s Outing

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Formula 1: Free training sessions at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix now in the live tape

Best new lap from Carlos Sainz

Despite the vibrations, it is enough for the Spaniard to determine the best new time in Baku. Leclerc passes by 0.9 seconds.

Carlos Sainz pit radio

Meanwhile, fellow teammate Sainz told the team that there were vibrations on the brakes. You are sure to take a closer look after the first round.

Best new roll from Charles Leclerc

The times for the first cycle have already been determined. At the moment, the fastest lap belongs to Charles Leclerc at Ferrari, who drove 1:47.701.

Only Verstappen is still missing

Now, Max Verstappen is the only one who didn’t cut a lap in Baku. Meanwhile, his teammate Sergio Perez is walking on the road with a ventilation grille.
add on

More drivers will follow

It doesn’t take long and more and more drivers are getting out of their boxes. There are now 14 pilots on board.

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The lights are green, and the first training sessions have begun in Baku. Sergio Perez is the first driver to go to the track. He is followed by Esteban Ocon and Mick Schumacher.

Formula 1: Free training sessions at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix today in the live tape – before the start

Before start: Baku City Circuit is the third longest running circuit this year with an area of ​​6.003 km. At first there are four 90 degree curves waiting for the driver, then you go to the old town. At only 7.5 meters wide, it is the narrowest part of the calendar. At the end of the lap, take the longest straight, which is 2.2 kilometers.

Before start: In addition to the track, the rear wing dispute dominates the topic. Mercedes, McLaren and Aston Martin in particular aren’t happy with the FIA’s decision to run stricter wing flex tests only after Baku, after all, less air resistance brings a lot, especially on long tracks.

Before start: As for Mick Schumacher, on the other hand, you will once again only face his teammate. In Monaco, Mazepin was closer and after Schumacher had engine problems in the race, the Russian crossed the finish line for the first time of the season in front of the German rival.

Before start: Recently, things have gone better and better for Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin and in Monaco Heppenheimer scored his first points in the 2021 World Cup. Now it is time to confirm this trend in Baku. Road Vettel has always done well in the past. In all appearances, he was able to score among the top four.

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Before start: There were three different winners in the previous three races in the capital of Azerbaijan. Initially, Daniel Ricciardo snatched victory at Red Bull in 2017, before Mercedes won in 2018 and 2019 with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

Before start: After the Monaco Grand Prix there was a change at the top. Series world champion Lewis Hamilton finished the city race only seventh, while Max Verstappen took the win. In the drivers’ standings, the Red Bull driver is now four points ahead of the Briton.

Before start: The exercises will be held at Baku City Circuit in the Azerbaijani capital. The first session starts at 10:30 in the morning, and the second at 2 in the afternoon.

Before start: Hello and welcome to the first two free training sessions in Azerbaijan.