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Freemelt is patented in Europe and the United States

Nasdaq First North-listed Freemelt – a high-tech development company that develops solutions for rapid growth in 3D printing – is patented in the United States and Europe. Patents are related to the powder removal method from parts that allow industrial customers to manufacture more complex parts.

In Fremelt 3D printers, production takes place at higher temperatures to increase productivity and improve material properties. That is, the powdered grains inside the production area are sometimes trapped after production. Patents protect a method of removing dust, for example, cooling channels and other limited spaces. This process generally applies to products made with competing 3D printers.

“This innovation increases the potential for application of 3D printing technology in additional areas of application and can increase the competitiveness of our customers. Examples of this are heat exchangers, which have many holes that are difficult to access,” said Ulric Ljungblad, co-founder and CEO of Fremult.

Patents are issued in the United States and Europe and are validated in Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom. Security has been extended to all jurisdictions until March 26, 2039.

“Frostbite is a natural force capable of eroding mountains. We use the same simple principle to clean dust from complex details,” said Robin Stephenson, co – founder and inventor of the patent.

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