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Greg Norman’s Oberoi League enters the United States

Is becoming absurd. And sometimes goofy. Rumors fly low, half-truths grow, nonsense never goes out of style anyway: LIV Golf and the Saudis cause unexpected and tremendous turmoil in the game of golf. Nose wind, sudden wind, cut air, air pockets.

When today’s PGA Tour seceded from the PGA in the United States in 1968, it was no longer under the category of tournament tournament players led by Arnold Palmer and Jack Nichols. The naming of the bandit robber Greg Norman by the grace of Riyadh keeps these adults in the same breath as these adults. Anyway, it remains to be seen whether the Australian will actually create a jet stream with his cash circus and take the game to new heights.

“I found someone to finance revenge”

Of course he claims the rights for himself. But for now, Jimmy Dunne, an American businessman and president of Florida’s exclusive Seminole Golf Club, says Norman is “the happiest man in the world.” [gegen die PGA Tour] Has haunted him for decades; Now he has found someone to fund him.

But firm, rumors and gossip: Matthew Wolf, it’s now official, escapes to the camp of inactive pay due to the pressure of the game and the ghosts of its depression. Top amateurs, such as world number two Eugenio Chacarra of Spain, are entering retirement age without having to go through everyday touring life.

Fleetwood and Stenson too?

According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, Tommy Fleetwood is signing the next celebrity because his wife and manager Claire Craig was spotted at an LIV launch event near London. Henrik Stenson leaves – according to the “Telegraph” – Ryder replaced the captaincy for a double-digit million check, despite a contract waiver for the 2023 Cup. “If Henrique changes sides, he will not be the captain of the Rome team,” the European touring team official was quoted as saying. What!

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“Hypocrisy of some colleagues”

And Justin Thomas retiring from the Travelers Championship, two-time PGA champion LIV defector Brooks Copca and his cancellation. Thomas wants to heal an injured spine. A two-time PGA champion, he is known as a firm apologist to the establishment. Like Rory McIlroy, in the case of Koipka, he was amazed at the “hypocrisy of some colleagues who say one thing and do something else.” That’s right.

Humor pin in the BIO

Meanwhile, at the BMW International Open (BIO) in Munich-Eichenried, a special kind of comedy is performed. Everyone was surprised when the news came out DP World Tour Obstacles 17 LIV London is coming for starters. Like now?

Sorry, Martin Gamer & Co .: In whose eyes do you want to throw sand? Keith Belly’s reaction was as strong as the most commonly used amen in the church. The verdict of Virginia Water is a very small PR principle that should not distract the attention of long-established and immensely important partner BMW before the competition. It is true that there will definitely be suspensions for the three joint matches with the PGA tour – the two allies have significantly intensified their strategic alliance since November 2020 – which any spectator who has halved his five senses should expect. .

Norman happily takes “Knöllchen”

The fine of ,000 100,000 is very bitter – with a guarantee of paying LIV, it’s really peanut butter. Besides, do not pretend that you do not know in advance that Greg Norman will be happy to pick up any “tickets”, it was rightly announced – to give the company a finger once again!

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“I know very little”

Of course, Gamer gave the climax of nonsense in an interview with Sky reporter Florian Bauer for the German broadcast from the BIO last Friday. “I like to play golf […] I do not understand how you can be against it, “lamented the two-time big winner after his second round.

Really? There is nothing more pathetic than this summary of reluctance and ignorance. What more is there to say about Saudi? A tour of the Istanbul embassy of the murderous monarchy? Those responsible without the dollar bills for the blink of an eye know what that means. No, something else is missing. But Riyadh and the backbone do not agree.

Whatever it was, the caricature turned tragic. Unable to trust one’s ears, Gamer deeply uttered a decisive sentence: “We are preparing for the tour.” What he means (because he is blocked) is that he cannot stage or guarantee an attractive arrangement without the main cast. What he forgot: a biotop product called the Players Tour, which made them bigger and fed them better so far, for which they have admitted themselves as members – but they are now urinating on their feet, thanks to the popularity they have gained, where they jump into a well-made bed with competition. In this way it becomes a shoe.

Origin in Portland: Now is the time to get down to business

This weekend, Impresario Greg Norman and his Oberoi League appear as guests in Portland, Oregon, taking them to the center of the PGA Tour. Along with the second season appearance of LIV Golf, the John Deere Classic and the DP World Tour Classic Irish Open are taking place at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club and all sorts of protests and demonstrations around it. The guilt of unauthorized participation in competing competitions is thus particularly fulfilled – henceforth things really have to go down in business.

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