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French Open – Carlos Alcaraz stunned the tennis world with a gala against Stefanos Tsitsipas: “Superhuman!”

French Open – Carlos Alcaraz stunned the tennis world with a gala against Stefanos Tsitsipas: “Superhuman!”

Carlos Alcaraz does not tend to exaggerate or brag about statements. So the US Open champion says a lot when he describes his 6: 2, 6: 1, 7: 6 (7: 5) against Stefanos Tsitsipas in an interview with Eurosport as “one of the best matches of my career.”

“It was unbelievable at first. I wasn’t playing normally,” said the 20-year-old, hitting the nail in the head.

The quarterfinal match against Tsitsipas in the evening session was a thriller, playing tennis with two equal opponents at the highest level.

French Open Championship

Brutal domination! Alcaraz defeats Tsitsipas in the quarter-finals

11 hours ago

It turns out differently. 60 minutes passed when Alcaraz led 6: 2 and 4: 1.

The world number one dug amazing balls out of the sand in Paris, hitting massive forehands in a row and blocking even Tsitsipas’ most accurate attacking balls.

Becker speaks of perfection

Boris Becker, Eurosport expert, spoke about perfection in two and a half sentences. It was noticeable to the spectators at Court Philippe Chatrier that although they admired the Spaniard’s art, they would have liked to see more resistance from Tsitsipas.

Alcaraz EXCLUSIVELY after the quarter-finals: “It was my best match”

Understandable, after all, Alcaraz got their first point of the game after just 1 hour and 43 minutes. Thanks to the morale and fighting spirit of Tsitsipas, there was an extra half hour – before the uncanny talent from El Palmar put the lid on an unforgettable encounter.

The famous performance was not only bitter for the unchanged Tsitsipas, but also a warning to the competition.

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A message to Djokovic? “Hi, old man…”

First of all to Novak Djokovic, who met the young wonder in the semi-finals. Alcaraz declared it “a match that everyone wants to see” and is looking forward to it. The veneration of the Serbs’ accomplishments or rank was not part of it.

“for God!” Alcaraz scores amazingly against Tsitsipas

Mats Wilander speculated, jokingly in Eurosport, that “Maybe Carlos sent Novak a little message. Along the lines of: ‘Hey old man, I’m here.'” Swede.

Wilander: “Such a great pace from Alcaraz”

Djokovic, as the 36-year-old has proven many times, also plays in this league.

Wilander is totally excited about Alcaraz: ‘superhuman’

The only question is whether he can bring Alcaraz to his knees in his current state. “Novak is a genius,” Wilander asserts, “but Carlos’ unbelievable speed on the field may be too much for him.”

That may be so, but the good news for the tennis world is this: chances are very good that there will be an epic Grand Slam duel for generations in the semifinals on Friday – with a totally open outcome.

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French Open Championship

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French Open Championship

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