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Friederike Lukaszewski of Pfronten will represent Allgäu East in the United States for one year.

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Stephen Strock congratulates Friedrich Lukashevsky from Frendon on the USA Scholarship. In August, the young Gilder will travel across the pool and begin his annual adventure abroad. © MEPs Office

Pfronten – Living in the United States for a year, learning a foreign culture and at the same time perfecting your foreign language skills: This wish has now come true for Friederike Lukaszewski of Pfronten.

As part of Bundestag’s Parliamentary Sponsorship Program (PPP), Bundestag Stephan Stracke (CSU) local member selected 22 – year – old guilder and craftsman.

Bundestock and the US Congress have been providing grants since 1983 as part of a parliamentary sponsorship program. Under the auspices of Bundestag’s President Wolfgang Schäuble, a total of 360 scholarships will be awarded this year to students and young professionals.

“This exchange will not only help in common personal development, but will also keep alive the relationship between the two countries and strengthen them,” Strock stressed.

In August it goes across the pond

Friederike Lukaszewski can already see the anticipation. But she still has to be patient. If all goes well and the epidemic does not stop travel plans, she could board a plane in August and embark on a journey across the Atlantic. In the coming weeks, the recipients will receive extensive training at various online seminars before heading to their respective host families. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. If she wants to, she can choose a big city. “Here, as an artisan, I see more opportunities for myself and my work,” he explains.

Even during his training as a killer, he wanted to go abroad for a long time, the young recipient explains in an interview with Stroke. Then a teacher approached her at the master school and gave her a flyer with all the data about PPP. This made her excited. “I wrote my application the same evening,” he says.

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The right time

Spending a year in the US at the moment and having already completed vocational training, at the same time is a great opportunity for a young woman from Pfronten who does not want to miss any situation. “I’m open-minded, I’m looking forward to this new challenge, new posts and strangers,” he says, thank you for choosing Strike.

As a junior ambassador, he wants to bring the eastern algae he grew up in and shape himself closer to the people he meets in the states. She sees bringing the Allgäu way of life to Europe and above all to a land of unlimited opportunities as an important part of her foreign adventure.

Cosmopolitan, purpose and reflection

Stroke is convinced that Lukashevsky has selected the right candidate for the scholarship in the United States. “Friedrich Lukashevsky proved to be very cosmopolitan, goal-oriented and reflective in our discussions.

Anyone interested in PPP can mention it Suggest. Applications for the 2022/2023 project year are valid from May 2.