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MotoGP Live Tigger Austin: Eligible for all classes

9:12 pm

MotoGP Q1: Rinse and Aprilia are there

The first qualifying round of the Premier Class is underway, and there are some promising names in Rinse, Alex Espercaro, Vinolz and Martin. However, as always, only two are progressing fast. It should be a tight box.

9:07 pm

MotoGP FT4: KTM is still lagging behind

Espergo and Miller are the last two riders, second behind the leaders, as are eleventh and twelfth. Morbidelli, Alex Marquez and Marini line up behind them. Two KTM factory riders Brad Binder and Olivera did not cross the 18th and 19th rankings.

9:03 pm

MotoGP FT4: Bagnoia stands out

The session ends with Pagnaya in the first place. He is alone for less than 2:03 minutes. Mark Marquez is second with 0.132 seconds behind. Pastianini is in third place.

Quartarro and Alex Espergo finished fourth and fifth, respectively. Both are less than a quarter of the way from the top. Zarco, Vinales, Rins, Mir and Martin split in 0.729 seconds to take the top 10 spot.

8:57 pm

MotoGP FT4: Others take place

The Ducati trio did not take the lead for long. Everyone is now the last bit out of their tires. Mark Marquez advanced to second place. Guardarro is the fourth newcomer after Bastianini. Aleix Espargaro took the top 5 spots.

8:52 pm

MotoGP FT4: Quiet Period

After a pit stop, several drivers are back on track. However, there are currently no major movements in the classification. Everyone is constantly working on used tires to check life and speed. There are still ten minutes to drive.

8:48 pm

MotoGP FT4: KTM on the back

KTM has been struggling this weekend. Yesterday Olivera was even last. Team manager Francesco Quitotti complains that all riders lack sense of front wheel. Olivera also miscalculated the system on Friday.

There has been some improvement this morning, but not enough, says Guidotti. This training is very important for KTM: Binder and Olivera are currently ranked 15th and 19th.

8:43 pm

MotoGP FT4: Tight field

There is a lot of traffic on the track and a lot of movement in the rankings. Bastianini, Alex Espercario and Marc Marquez have passed the vinyl. Martin fifth place. They all recorded time in the 2:03 minute range.

In the second half of the top 10, after five rounds, there are Miller, Rins, Morpitelli, Quartarro and Mir. A total of 15 drivers are within a second.

8:38 pm

MotoGP FT4: Submitting Vinales

Alex Marquez once again fell early and is down in the rankings without a time lap. After two flying laps, Vinols is leading in 2: 03.899 minutes. Behind them stand Marc Marquez, Bastianini, Martin, Sargo, Miller and Quartarro.

8:22 pm

Moto2 Q2: Schrட்டர்ter in phase 13

Schrter drove a vague qualification, finishing 13th behind Okura and Bendsnader. 1.318 seconds less than the German best time. He shares the fifth row with Ramirez and Alcoba.

Fernandez finished last in the session after his early fall. He closes the sixth row behind Roberts and Sandra.

8:20 pm

Moto2 Q2: Home pole for Beaubier!

What a success! Pupier is actually fighting the first pole of his Moto 2 career through Q1 on his home track. In the end, no one is dangerous to Americans. Vietti is second, one-tenth behind. Kennett advanced to third as Arpolino missed a lap.

The Italian manages to finish fourth in the second row, which he shares with Arenas and Dixon. Navarro, Alteguer and Lowes occupy the third row. The Acosta phase ends in tenth place.

8:15 pm

Moto2 Q2: Another crash

Kennett crashed on the 17th turn and exited the race for the pole. Currently in fourth place. But others have one more attempt.

8:13 pm

Moto2 Q2: Beaubier ups the ante

Speed ​​and experience can be exploited from FUBIR Q1. The American player took the lead in 2: 08.751 minutes. It is 0.340 seconds ahead of Vyati. That’s an announcement!