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Friendly Fire 7: The next charity broadcast on December 4th

Friendly Fire 7: The next charity broadcast on December 4th

Seventh edition of friendly fire imminent. On December 4th, 2021, the team invites you to livestream to donate again. In the past six years, €4,955,000 has been raised for non-profit organizations.

The 12-hour charity broadcast begins on December 4 at 3:00 p.m. The countdown begins at 2 pm, during which, among other things, the clubs being supported this year will present themselves. The main sponsor this year is Far Cry 6 by Ubisoft.

friendly fire It has established itself as a permanent base and will enter the seventh round in 2021. 14 years ago in 2004 Far Cry, a first-person shooter game from Germany, managed to prove itself. The rest, as they say, is history, and with Far Cry 6 the most ambitious artwork in the series to date will be released on October 7 – by the way, development is supported by our Ubisoft Berlin studiosays Ralph Wersing, Managing Director of Ubisoft GSA. “In light of this history, I am very pleased that these two traditional partners are coming together and that we are once again the main official sponsor of Far Cry 6 this year. friendly fire Could.

This time also the team consists of Eric”grunge“Term”Bitsmit“-Team, Tatjana”PandoriaWirth, Pascal.MrMoreGameRothkegel, FlorianHyder“Heider, Arthur”fisHC0p“Niemczuk und Max”PhunkRoyal“Ensikat together. The seventh edition will again be produced by the Munich Laser Studios at the Esports Factory.

Support this year friendly fire the following clubs:

For the first time, the team from friendly fire This year, raise an eighth of the money in an emergency fund so you can respond quickly to humanitarian disasters throughout the year. money from better place It is managed in consultation with the team at friendly fire used. Mikkel Ruprahn, Project Manager, on this: “Disasters such as the floods in Germany have clearly shown that it is important to be able to help quickly and unbureaucraticly throughout the year. With the Emergency Friendly Firefighting Fund, we want to intervene precisely in such cases when it becomes necessary.

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team in friendly fire It depends not only on the support of its community, but also on the economy: the main sponsor is Far Cry 6 by Ubisoft. Microsoft, ELEX 2 from THQ Nordic, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Backforce, Twitch, NZXT, and Esport Factory are also sponsors.

team from friendly fire Back to Support Yuvolvwho were already partners in previous years. All profits from the sale will be donated. The decoration is back from a pen Cream Rorschach. Merchandise is now available at: https://fri

Donations will be collected again in cooperation with Best Place. This ensures that everyone gets a donation receipt and that the money reaches the clubs.