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Ab jetzt in Deutsch: Apple Pencil am iPad effektiver nutzen

From now on in German: Use the Apple Pencil more effectively on the iPad

an Apple Contains a number of useful improvements for handwriting input using the Apple Pencil on IPAD Also active in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. These now allow text segments to be copied and inserted elsewhere, even when the entries are in German. Interactive data recognition for input via Apple Pencil in German is now also activated.

Apple has activated some useful uses for the Apple Pencil in German, as you can see when you look at the list of features available on the iPadOS pages Offers. This includes, for example, the ability to write text on the iPad with the Apple Pencil and then copy it to paste it somewhere else. Previously, this was only possible in English and Simplified Chinese.

The text is then converted to printed text when pasted. The new functionality is now available in German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italy on iPad using Apple Pencil.

Interactive data recognition in German is now also available

Various dialects of the added languages ​​are also supported. In German, this includes dialects used in Switzerland and Austria. Several Belgian regional dialects are also supported.

In addition, iPadOS now interactively recognizes addresses or similar data and converts them into clickable objects when you type them on the iPad using the Apple Pencil.

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