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From Red Planet to Green Planet: Algae Could Make Mars Habitable

From Red Planet to Green Planet: Algae Could Make Mars Habitable

Chinese scientists want to make Mars habitable. They want to do it using a highly adaptable desert moss, a “pioneer plant.” Researchers say it could be the key to colonizing Mars.

The moss called “Syntrichia caninervis” is not only considered pressure resistantinstead of It also grows rapidly. And it can Light is very successful as a source of energy. To use. For example, it lives in Antarctica or in very dry desert areas.

Thanks to its ability to grow in difficult, nutrient-poor conditions, moss can “invade” the Martian soil. By loosening the soil and enriching it with nutrients, it can help improve the soil and thus pave the way for other plants to grow.

Algae is not an option as a food source, but if it photosynthesizes, it is possible. Oxygen production.

Moss stress tests

In a series of tests, the moss was subjected to extreme Martian conditions: extremely dry and cold environments, liquid nitrogen, gamma rays, and low oxygen supplies, all of which the moss survived, according to the report. Stady.

Thanks to “selective metabolic rest,” algae can also recover. bring yourself to lifeHarmful substances produced by radiation can be intercepted by activating certain genes in the plant.

Ariane 6 successfully flew into space

Researchers want to work with her on projects. “reclamation” Work. A celestial body transforms in a way that makes human life possible.

Some see this as an opportunity. colonization of alien planets To be able to. Others interfere with existing ecosystems.

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In the future, researchers hope to bring moss to the Moon or Mars to further test the potential of plants to colonize and grow in space.