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From rubber lover to climate change: Arlberger Kulturtage's Painting Week period

From rubber lover to climate change: Arlberger Kulturtage’s Painting Week period

Images with powerful phrases, a variety of techniques and styles as well as successful artistic experiments were created as part of the 24th Arlberg Culture Days Painting Week. Nine participants provided their interpretations of the specific topic “We shall see…” on paper or fabric. A wide range of results were presented for the first time in a vernissage on July 22 at Raiffeisenbank St. Anton am Arlberg. I was surprised…

Street. Anton am Arberg (Lacy). “We’ll see…”, which might sound like an unofficial statement, was the slogan under which filmmaker Lisa Krabichler set up the annual Arlberger Kulturtage Drawing Week this year. You should know very well that what will come out of it will by no means be ordinary. “Everyone was able to do whatever they wanted this year,” Lisa Krabichler explained immediately after welcoming Raika’s host, Mario Thorner, and explained, “Photos were taken that I wasn’t expecting.” The director recalled with a smile: “Conservative people, realists, met high-ranking people or completely alternative people in this group.” Another participant was Anya Kreismer: “This year she dared almost the impossible and paint an abstract watercolor,” said Lisa in her praise speech to Krapichler, who was also amazed when she saw the work of Annemarie Seine: “She is a phenomenon, she does many things at the same time and can do Everything.” Water, and butterflies are also painted in watercolor.

Breathtaking new tracks…

…this is Anneliese Jörg this year. Favorite subjects are anything that flies, including the dove of peace. Participant Ingrid Raghel “coherent images created something new as they were revised,” explained Lisa Krabbichler. ​​Ragel also chose an application that was unusual for her and brought round shapes into abstract concepts. Magdalena Rachel, at the age of 12, took part in the party again this year – she took the subject literally and “accurately” painted the eyes of the animals, as the director of Drawing Week praised: “It also shows an animal in its entirety, the clown fish.” Hermann Musk took up a topical theme in his work: he brought polluted seas to canvas as well as dead corals. Unusually for him, there was also the series “Squeaky Ducks”. Lisa Krabbichler praised Christian Spiß for its extra-wide, cute. Displays collages, drawings, sculptures, and prints. Sketching superficially and diary-like – she also “opened up her inner archive” in her work, praising Krabichler – Krabichler praised Isolde Mall-Mairhofer’s work as “magnificent”, which also drew attention to climate change, for example a picture showing a flooded house . Words of praise and thanks came from St. Anton’s cultural advisor Tanya Sen, as well as from Peppi Spiss, president of the Arlberg Culture Days Association.

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