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Heimlich friends Kate Moss and Demi Moore: what connects the unlikely duo

Heimlich friends Kate Moss and Demi Moore: what connects the unlikely duo

They exist – real friendships in show business. But while it comes to some celebrity couples, like Jennifer Aniston And Courteney CoxWhich has been reported for years, but other friendships between celebrities are more secretive. These are British models Kate Moss And the actress Demi Moore They have been closely linked for years, but not many people know that. The two keep their relationship largely out of the limelight.

Demi Moore and Kate Moss in partner appearance

At the end of September, Kate Moss and Demi Moore made an exception when they presented a pair of elegant looks at Paris Fashion Week and attended the YSL fashion show together. Both women chose black outfits and matching sunglasses.

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This wasn’t the first time the two friends were seen in public wearing color-coordinated outfits. In 2019, they were photographed by paparazzi in their partner’s guise when they went on a shopping trip together in London. British sun She posted photos of the model and actress wearing khaki jackets while shopping in Notting Hill (It can be seen here).

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There was a warm embrace as a welcome, followed by gossip and laughter. In short: Moss and Moore seemed to enjoy each other’s presence.

Moss and Moore: what connects the unlikely duo?

The two rarely appear side by side in public. In fact, the Briton and the American have been close friends for years, even if they seemed like an unlikely couple at first glance.

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Moore and Moss have moved in the same fashion circles for many years and have many mutual friends. They were photographed together at a Christian Dior fashion event in Paris over twenty years ago. Both closed in 2012 Naomi CampbellCelebrating his birthday for two days in India. And also a wedding Princess Eugenie with Jack Brooksbank In October 2018, Demi Moore and Kate Moss visited together. And from the looks of it, it seems that they are still maintaining their relationship.