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Full Covered Anti-Semitic Mural

Full Covered Anti-Semitic Mural

DrAllegations against the art gallery Documentathey are showing Artworks with anti-Semitic motifs, persuaded officials to take the first step. The work of Indonesian collective artist Taring Padi, who clearly serves up an anti-Jewish cliché, is obscured.

The document announced that the Indonesian artist group “Taring Padi” responsible for the work of “People’s Justice” along with management and artistic direction decided to cover up the relevant banner on the Friedrichsplatz square in Kassel and install annotation.

Tring Buddy said her work was “in no way related to anti-Semitism”. “We are saddened that the details of this sign were misunderstood beyond its original purpose. We apologize for the injuries that occurred in this regard.”

Representatives of Jewish organizations, politicians and the media had raised clear criticism of the banner. “My personal impression is that there are anti-Semitic images here,” Hessen State Art Minister Angela Dorn (the Greens) said Monday in Wiesbaden. The Minister of State for Culture made a similar statement Claudia Roth (Green color). This is where artistic freedom finds its limits. “Human dignity, protection against anti-Semitism, as well as against racism and any form of hatred for human beings are the basis of our coexistence,” Roth said.

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