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Furniture meets coffee: Pop-Up “Café Prouvé”

Furniture meets coffee: Pop-Up “Café Prouvé”

chair out Jean Brophy It was the beginning of the furniture maker relationship »Vitra«With the work ofFrench designer. Even after 20 years, cooperation with his heirs was intense. Vitra has revised the collection with new colors and fabrics and presents new, previously unknown designs in the popup »Profi CafeBefore. Speak Falstaff. Thorsten Heiling Written by Vitra Austria

Falstaff: What can guests look forward to?
Thorsten Heiling: Guests can look forward to an extraordinary experience in the style of Jean Prouvé. “Caffe vom See” is three weeks Transformed into Café Prouvé, the interior has changed – and with it the atmosphere. For Vitra, this is an opportunity to bring new products to life and invite people to sit on our furniture Get to know the most distinguished engineers and designers and their work.


© Vitra

Falstaff: How did this popup appear?
We decided not to furniture Only available in showrooms anymore, but where you use it in everyday life. The café is a great place to relax and test the tables or chairs. You can always come back, settle down and find your favorite pieces – and a great one at the same time coffee enjoy.

Falstaff: What’s on the map?
The map will remain the same: there – in my opinion – Best coffee in Vienna.

Falstaff: Are there other stations?
Pop-up cafes are an international venture. in Zurich and Berlin The Café Prouvé has truly inspired and there will certainly be other stops to follow.

chair lounge

© Vitra

work hours

From Monday to Friday: from 9 am to 6 pm
Saturday: from 10 am to 4 pm

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