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‘Really magical’: Meghan’s special gift enchanted Prince Harry

‘Really magical’: Meghan’s special gift enchanted Prince Harry

I just did it to him. 2018 Dare Prince Harry with the Americans Meghan Markle, though he faced some opposition from his family to his plan. The Sussexes have since stepped down as senior members of the royal family and are living in the United States as parents of two children.

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In his memoir Spear, which was published in January, the Duke of Sussex describes a very private moment when he suddenly learned his wife Meghan Markle was “really charming” – when he realized she could communicate with seals.

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The Sussexes were on a royal holiday on the northern coast of Scotland, and Harry’s father, King Charles IIIThey are told by the legend of the Fools, mythical creatures that can move between seal and human form.

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One night at dinner, Charles explained that you could sing something to the seals to see if they would react – which Harry and Meghan decided to try the next day.

Harry wrote in his diary that he and Meghan saw some seals on the beach and tried to sing to them, but while they didn’t answer him, Meghan had better luck.

“Soon, countless heads appeared in every part of the water and responded to their singing,” he recalls. At that moment, Harry realizes that she is “really charming”.

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