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Futsal – FSV Mostviertel: Lots of effort in the Second Futsal League

Futsal – FSV Mostviertel: Lots of effort in the Second Futsal League

Futsal should actually be promoted more and more, and more football players should be passionate about this “type of football”. But at FSV Mostviertel/Oberndorf things are currently going the other way. Last year, the team under coach Reiner Hodler finished in second place in the German Futsal League 2 and almost missed out on promotion.

This year FSV will look for the second German Futsal League to no avail. “There are one or two reasons, but mainly because of the merger of the Second League – for us, the effort here is not worth it,” explains Alexander Heisberger, president of FSV Mostviertel/Oberndorf.

The second league is now also Austrian level

By consolidation, Hesburger means that “last year there was a second league in the East and a second league in the West. But now they’ve combined.” This means that the Second League, like the German First League, is spread throughout Austria. Games in Carinthia, among other things, required more time and money for those responsible. “That’s why we decided not to compete this year. From our point of view, this is absolutely the wrong approach. Last year we only had opponents from Vienna or the surrounding area – and now it’s even more difficult to join futsal in the Second League,” says Alexander Hesberger. .

There has already been interest from players, even if it is becoming increasingly difficult, as the FSV president explains: “You also have to see that players actually don’t have a winter break at all and at the beginning of the futsal season and at the beginning at the end there are already overlaps with… Field Football Clubs also have to approve and release players, which is not always easy or safe.

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Less motivation without mastery

But the club is not standing still, even if without a season and the games that come with it, the players are of course missing “that certain thing”. “We train on a voluntary basis, but if you don’t play a match, of course there’s no incentive to do it – that’s normal,” Hesberger says.

What will happen next is not yet clear. The club will have to register for the upcoming 2024/2025 season by April in order to participate in the group meeting in June. “By then we want to talk to the players and the clubs and also to the association again. Some are already motivated, but if the format does not change, I don’t know if we will be there again next year.”