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Future technologies: US and Israel for closer cooperation

Future technologies: US and Israel for closer cooperation

The US and Israel want to work more closely together as part of a strategic partnership in the field of advanced technology. This includes cooperation in the fields of artificial intelligence and quantum technology, according to a statement by US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Jair Lapid. Biden embarked on a multi-day trip to the Middle East today.

It also said that solutions to global challenges such as climate change and pandemic preparedness must work together. The National Security Advisers of both countries should arrange talks to implement the partnership. The first meeting is planned for autumn 2022. Further meetings will be scheduled annually.

Biden meets Abbas

In Tel Aviv, Biden was welcomed by President Yitzhak Herzog, new Prime Minister Lapid and opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu. In the West Bank, Biden wants to meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The meeting is scheduled for Friday in Bethlehem. According to Air Force One, the US government welcomed the latest communications between the Israeli government and Abbas.

A trip to Saudi Arabia is scheduled for Friday. In Jeddah, the US President intends to meet the kingdom’s leadership and attend the Gulf Cooperation Council summit.

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