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Gabriel Broy: Baden composer who inspires Fujikawaguchiko

Gabriel Broy: Baden composer who inspires Fujikawaguchiko

Baden composer Gabrielle Bruy was able to perform her compositions “Kigen”, “Opal” and “Rosarium” in four concerts at the Austria-Japan Festival. The theme of the concert series was “Fujikawaguchiko meets Baden” and was held on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Vienna World Fair.

take a shower. Gabriel Broy served not only as composer and artistic director of the concert series, but also as an ambassador for Baden. As an official gift from the city of Baden, a bronze Beethoven medal with a brochure about the Beethoven House in Baden was presented to the head of the cultural department of Fujikawaguchiko. And that's not all: she gave opening remarks at all four concerts, even in Japanese!

“I started learning Japanese on my first concert tour in Japan in 2005,” explains Gabriele Broy.

At that time, the slogan of the year between the EU and Japan was “From the people to the people.”

“The slogan inspired me to learn.”

Interesting party favors

The Japanese hosts were also generous. Gabriel Broy and pianist Miyuki Schussler were provided with extra-large umbrellas, pictures of kimonos and traditionally made “kosho-enden” purses.

“The size of the parasols – 83 cm – gave us a lot of headaches until the return flight. It was not actually planned that they would be carried in your flight luggage, but it worked out. We were lucky,” smiles Gabriele Broy.

At the festival concert, works by Beethoven, Schubert, Hirai, Brahms and three pieces by Gabriel Bruy were performed in the fully booked Great Hall, two of which – “Opal” and “Rosarium” – were premiered in Japan. The third film, “Kigen”, premiered at Hirosaki in 2009.

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New work before the premiere

Baden's appearance in Japan was supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Baden under the direction of Hans Gerd Ramacher. This was Proy's sixth concert tour in Japan.
By the way, Gabriel Bruy's latest work, a composition commissioned for the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Academy, will be premiered on April 6th (Der Melk) and April 7th (Brahms Hall at Musikverein Vienna).

One of the return gifts is large, beautiful Japanese umbrellas.  From left: Miyuki Schussler, Gabriel Broy, Michiko Ueno.  |  Photo: Roland Hill