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Galaxy S22 Ultra in the drop test: what can a €1250 phone withstand?  (with competition)

Galaxy S22 Ultra in the drop test: what can a €1250 phone withstand? (with competition)

We put the brand new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra through several drop tests. Will the cell phone still work in the end? You can see the result in the video. And best of all: you can win a brand new Galaxy S22 Ultra!

In the name of science – and maybe a bit because it’s fun – we put the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra through several drop tests to check how powerful the new smartphone is, for which you pay at least €1250. Already after the first fall we were very surprised. How far we have come to the extreme and whether the mobile still works in the end,

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– Have fun! (Please, don’t try it!)

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As part of our drop test, we’re presenting a brand new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 128GB worth €1,249 RRP in the color of your choice!

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Drop Tested – Be careful not to copy it!

Have you ever dropped your smartphone on the ground by mistake? With a little luck, the cell phone will survive – or the screen will instantly crack and there are scratches in the frame. Many of today’s smartphones are made of glass that, even if it’s particularly resistant, will break at some point.

The back of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is made of the latest and greatest Gorilla Glass Victus. But how stable is it really? The first fall in the test came from a height of 1.60 meters. Indeed, we were surprised by the result. But it shouldn’t be like that, we are higher and higher. We don’t want to give any spoilers, watch the final drop test in the video above

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