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Gallery – Ceramics from Eichgraben conquer the world

Gallery – Ceramics from Eichgraben conquer the world

“I was very happy with the successful event at the Österreichische Werkstätten in Vienna,” says artist Brigitte Saugstad. Arts and Crafts brand management has defined her as an international yet homegrown artist.

“There are some of my Snow Princess sculptures on display, along with my new ViennaBloom Blossom Sphere and Papagena Vessel collection that I made especially for Österreichische Werkstätten,” explains the artist. ViennaBloom and Papagena ceramics will then remain in the range of Austrian workshops.

Brigitte Sojstad is that Earth material with their own hands according to their imagination. Then the chemical process of firing always adds something surprisingly different. In her new collection, she drew inspiration from Art Nouveau ceramics, the rhythm of the Viennese waltz and Mozart’s magic flute. “Harmonic movements and strong, lively curves give my ceramics expression, joy and dynamism,” says Saugstad.

The exhibition can be viewed until the end of June and can be visited during normal business hours.

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